Upper School Honor Roll

February 19, 2013 - Uncategorized

Congratulations to the following Upper School students who are being named to the Honor Roll for 1st Semester, 2012-13.

Upper School Honor Roll:

At the conclusion of each semester, the Honor Roll is computed. To be placed on the Honor Roll, a student must be enrolled full-time, have earned at least a 3.30 all-subject unweighted grade point average, and have no grades below “C-“ for that semester. Pass/Fail courses and Transfer courses are not considered in the calculation.

Total number of students on Honor Roll:  30

9th Grade:

Isabelle Baliles, Nancy Chifa, Stephanie Farish, Gloria Hosu, Jackson Scalero, Ashley Thomas

10th Grade: 

Maddy Chiu, Ford Fishman, Monika Gebavi, Karima Guillen, Susan Han, Jeremiah Kim, Aaron Lauby,

Kayla McCoy, Isabelle McEvilly, Summer Papritz, John Patterson, Vanesa Perez, Daniel Thomas, Logan Williams

11th Grade:  

Evangeline Gaikwad, Josh Groza, Abigail Lawson, Noah Scalero, Michael Severson

12th Grade:

Luke Burkey, Lauren Butz, Christiana Farish, Joshua Kim, Mark Kozlov

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