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2018 Upper School Retreat the “Best Retreat Ever!”

On Friday, September 8, all the Upper School students and several teachers boarded buses bound for an action-packed two-day retreat at Lake Geneva Conference Center in Wisconsin. This annual upper school event provides students with a time together for recreation, connection and spiritual reflection as the new school year begins. The student-led retreat also provides seniors the unique opportunity to plan, direct and execute every aspect of the retreat, including worship services, team games, and small and large group activities.

In the opening session, President Dr. Hertzberg gave a powerful message on prayer, leading students through a model of prayer found in Isaiah 6. Students were encouraged to focus on God’s character of holiness, confess shortcomings to God and accept His calling. Pastor Josh Parsons of The Orchard Church in Northfield taught the remaining sessions throughout the weekend, drawing upon the life of Daniel. He showed students how they can “live under God’s sovereignty… speak the truth with clarity, courage and consistency… and love the Lord supremely” in today’s world.

Throughout the weekend, students bonded through small group, games, and camp activities such as a giant swing, paintball, water slide, and teams courses. The seniors introduced a new activity this year: team competitions among Teams Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue. These games helped to foster teamwork, school spirit, and greater connection among students. The win went to Team Red!

Some cited the team games as their favorite activity. Another commented, “my favorite part of the retreat was listening to great messages — they really spoke to me and reminded me of God’s sovereignty and character.” All students agreed that this year’s retreat was “the best retreat ever.” We thank God for what He is doing in our Upper School students!

Enjoy the Retreat Highlights Video created by upper school junior Josiah Shaw.




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