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The Future is as Bright as the Promises of God

I am very thankful that Christian Heritage Academy has a wonderful long history that is tethered to God’s Word and prayer. To be sure, these are commitments that continue as strong as ever, and by God’s grace will continue as long as this school exists. And perhaps more rightly said, because of our strong commitment to prayer and God’s Word, the future of CHA is as bright as the promises of God! (to quote pioneer missionary Adoniram Judson)

We are committed to God’s Word being fully integrated into every aspect of our school including our curriculum, the co-curriculum and even how we relate to one another. I am pleased to share with you that Biblical integration is the focus of our faculty in-service meetings throughout this year. We desire to equip our teachers to be able to fully integrate Scripture with every subject. This is one of the critically important distinguishing marks of a truly Christian school.

You will also be encouraged to know that at 7:30AM every day, faculty and administrators gather in the library to seek the Lord as we read a chapter of the Bible (currently reading through Matthew), and pray together with specific focus each day.

Additionally, I am pleased to share with you (and invite you) to several wonderful CHA community opportunities focusing on prayer, the study of God’s Word and worship:

Mondays – 8:30 AM – Parent Prayer led by Becky Foster, in the chapel.

Thursdays – 8:45 AM – Women’s Precept Bible Study, led by Linda Gunter, in the Loft. Please see article below for more information.

Fridays – 6:30 AM – Dads’ Prayer, led by myself, in the main office foyer (beginning September 29th)

I especially want to invite you and your family to a very special CHA event on next Thursday, September 28th:

We are privileged to host Keith and Kristyn Getty for our all-school chapel service at 10AM in our Auditorium. We are greatly looking forward to this time and welcome your family and your CHA friends to join us. (This is not a public event.) Please see first article below for more information.

Thank you for your much needed prayers, support and involvement. We are very excited for our bright future together.