In Dr. Hertzberg's Blog

02 October 2020

Dear CHA Community:

Today completes seven weeks of in-classroom learning at CHA. We thank our Lord for making this possible. Every day we are in person is a gift of God’s grace and goodness to our students, staff, and families as our mission is best realized when life-on-life instruction takes place. As you know, at CHA we are much more than only the communication of information, but rather we are committed to the education of the whole student: mind and heart – all from a Christ-centered perspective.

For your information, I wanted to update you on several important items summarized below:

Health Services
I am pleased to announce the appointment of an extremely well qualified school nurse, Mrs. Linda Rowan, effective October 5. We warmly welcome Mrs. Rowan to our CHA staff. Linda brings over 40 years of professional nursing experience to our school having served most of her career at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago. We are very fortunate to add such a gifted professional to our Health Services department especially during this time.

Mrs. Tayna Platt, who has served with distinction as our Coordinator of Health Services since the beginning of the school year, will be onboarding Mrs. Rowan during the month of October. Mrs. Platt will then continue to serve in our Early Education department.

Health Services Advisory Group
Composed of doctors and nurses from our CHA families, our Health Services Advisory Group will continue to support Mrs. Rowan on an advisory and consulting basis. On behalf of all of us here at CHA, I want to express my great gratitude for the diligent work of Mrs. Platt, and for the advisory group of medical professionals who continue to so generously give of their time and expertise to our school.

Going Forward
You will be encouraged to know that our students and staff continue to demonstrate Christ-like attitudes in the midst of the challenges this year. By God’s grace, we are experiencing a wonderful year of learning. The spirit at school is enthusiastic and positive. We thank the Lord for the opportunities in this exceptional year, knowing that He is in complete control as together we seek to live out our school theme this year: “Trusting in the Lord, Bringing Hope to the World.”

Thank you for your much needed prayers and support as we continue to lay hold of all that our Lord has for CHA this year.

Gratefully in Christ,

Dr. Hutz H. Hertzberg