In Dr. Hertzberg's Blog

08 January 2021

Dear CHA Community:

New year and new semester greetings to you and your family! After a very challenging but also greatly blessed fall semester, we are grateful to be back in school together. As we begin this semester, I want to share with you some important items of update.

Year-End Generosity
We are very thankful for the generosity of so many as we came to the end of 2020. Year-end contributions to CHA exceeded our goal for which we praise God and thank you. Such generous financial partnership allows us to engage our students more deeply, equipping them in becoming lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Growing Enrollment
We are so pleased to welcome 23 new students and their families joining us this semester. Additionally, the number of applications for the fall semester is significantly higher than a year ago at this time. Further, reenrollment of eligible to return students is also significantly up compared to last year. Please remember the January 15 deadline to GUARANTEE a spot(s) for your students. After that date, reenrollment is still possible, but without guarantee of a spot.

On a related note, I would like to make you aware of a resource that we developed (and other schools are now using with our permission) which many are finding very helpful. It is a booklet titled: Choosing a School – A Guide for Christian Parents. This tool is designed to encourage families, who heretofore may not have considered a Christian school or Christian education for their children, by providing a biblical discernment framework. It is not a promo piece for CHA; rather, it challenges all Christian parents to deep reflection as they make crucial educational decisions. You may access a copy of this booklet through the title link above, or by contacting Mrs. Rachel Mohn, Manager of Marketing and Communications.

Campus Health
On a different note, one positive case of COVID-19 was identified over the Christmas break: a member of our facilities staff. There were no close contacts identified within our community, and the staff member is currently isolating at home. Our Health Services office continues to closely monitor the health and safety of all our students and staff. Should there be any additional positive cases this semester, Health Services will continue to follow the prescribed protocol of notifying: the Cook County Department of Public Health, all identified close contacts within our community, and all families in the class (or department) of the individual who tested positive. Thankfully, we did not have widespread or multiple simultaneous positive cases within our school in the fall semester. However, should that occur this spring, all in our community will be informed.

A Call to Prayer for CHA and our Nation
As we begin this new year and semester, would you please commit to pray daily for our CHA community? Now more than ever we as parents, staff, and students have the great opportunity to live out our year theme (from Psalm 37:3) before a hurting, needy, and troubled world:

Trusting in the Lord,
Bringing Hope to the World

We look forward to all that our Lord has for us in 2021!

With hope in Christ,

Dr. Hutz H. Hertzberg