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15 June 2020

Dear Families and Staff,

Early summer greetings to you and your family from CHA.

Our 2019–2020 school year officially concluded this past Thursday with our Spring Association meeting. For those who could not attend, the meeting was recorded and will be made available in the near future.

For your awareness and planning, I want to summarize some of the important information that was shared at the meeting, specifically as it pertains to our plans for learning this fall. Guiding our decisions is the commitment to do all we can do to maintain the health and safety of all our students and staff. Further, we are committed to providing excellent Christ-centered education for all our students regardless of the learning mode. Likewise, we are wholeheartedly committed to the spiritual and character development of all our students both in and outside of the classroom.

With those guiding values in mind, we are planning to be back on campus conducting classroom learning on August 17 with the necessary safety protocols and procedures in place. This assumes that we have moved to Phase 4 of the Governor’s “Restore Illinois” plan which is expected to happen but not a certainty (we are currently in Phase 3). We anticipate the release of updated safety requirements and health guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) as we transition to Phase 4.

Given the smaller size of most of our classes and the generous size of our classrooms, we have calculated that we are able to appropriately socially distance students in the classrooms. Thus, we are currently anticipating not needing to require face masks in the classroom. However, we also understand further guidance from the various governmental agencies may mandate face masks. Should that happen, we will inform you as soon as possible. Whether face masks will be necessary in the hallways, bathrooms and other gathering areas is still being evaluated. Of course, any student or staff member certainly has the option to wear a face mask at any time during the school day.

We understand there is a possibility of a second wave of the Coronavirus and/or the Governor moving us back to Phase 3 or even Phase 2. If that occurs, we will transition to eLearning. Even though we are planning to be in the classroom this August and beyond, we are also preparing and enhancing our eLearning methodology and technology should it become necessary. Because of the size of our school, the small classes, and ample size classrooms, we are not anticipating that we will need to transition to “blended” or “hybrid” scenarios this year, (e.g., a combination of live classroom and eLearning simultaneously.)

With as much as there is to plan for, there are still many unknowns and ongoing challenges in this very unique season. We certainly do not have all the answers and are continuously calling upon the Lord for His wisdom as we go forward. We covet your daily prayers for the ongoing decisions that need to be made these weeks including for operational and logistical matters as new health and safety guidelines emerge. We are working diligently throughout the summer and will keep you well informed of all important developments.

I also want to take this opportunity to update you on God’s generous provision of several excellent, Christian educators new to our school, or others, in new roles at CHA:

Mrs. Sharon Van Dyke, BS, MA – MS/US Social Studies
Mrs. Erin Sugihara, BS – MS/US Math
Mrs. Barb Mack, BS, MLIS – School Librarian
Mrs. Rachel Mohn, BA – Manager of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Robin Russell, BA, MA – Dean of Academics
Mrs. Leslie Cornwell, BA, MA – MS/US Learning Resource Specialist; US ESL
Mrs. Jessica Loza, BS – Third Grade
Mrs Trisha Olsen, BA, MS – Fifth Grade
Mrs. Betty Lee, BA, MEd – LS Learning Resource Specialist; Sixth Grade English
Mrs. Adina Pascotescu, BA – Registrar
Mrs. Therese O’Shea, BA, MA – Coordinator of Admissions and Financial Aid
Mrs. Cynthia Strull, BA, MA – Admissions Assistant

We thank our Lord for His wonderful provision of these godly and gifted individuals. I am personally very encouraged knowing the impact they will have on our students and families. Please pray as we are very close to hiring other outstanding Christian teachers for this coming year.

I greatly appreciate your much needed partnership, support and prayers as we navigate these very challenging days together.

Faithfully in Christ,

Dr. Hutz H. Hertzberg