Our prayer has been and continues to be that God will allow in-person learning throughout the year.

But one thing we do know – God is in control and we look to Him for the answers to our questions during this time. We are united in praying that our faith will be strengthened as we see God in these circumstances. It is the priority of both families and our school to help the students find their security and purpose in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Only when they are secure in Him can they truly face their fears and concerns.

If for health reasons or authoritative mandate eLearning begins during the school year, we will continue to meet the needs of the whole child to the best of our ability: educational, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. As a community we need to balance these needs for the welfare of the children. We know that God has created us to worship Him in every area of our lives as we work, study, play, rest, spend time with family and grow our relationships with God and others. There is a proper time for each of these pursuits and CHA desires to encourage a godly balance and perspective in the lives of our students. The core teachers will be providing key instructional objectives with the understanding that we are preparing your child to complete the essential elements of their studies this year. In addition, our Fine Arts and PE departments will supplement with activities that allow your children to worship and exercise as unto the Lord.

When and if conditions allow, we will be committed to return to in-person learning as soon as possible. We understand that parents have a bigger role in our partnership when eLearning occurs. If your child is in grades K-5, the family engagement in overseeing the completion of your child’s work falls on you.  We want to serve parents during this time. Please contact us with specific needs you may have in helping your child during eLearning. Grades 6-12 will have a set schedule and students should be expected to monitor and attend classes on their own. However, each child is unique, and additional supervision may be needed.

Overall Objectives During eLearning

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Connect with and encourage our students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
  • Maintain essential instruction for the duration of eLearning. Each teacher will determine what essential elements are grade level appropriate for the subjects being taught.
  • Have trained teachers in a number of technologies and have them continue to seek ways to effectively deliver instruction through online experiences.
  • Facilitate the Christian Heritage Academy community and spiritual life when possible.
Expectations for eLearning

Teachers will:

  • Provide Bible lessons that are meant to be a spiritual encouragement and help the students to study God’s Word with their classmates. The intent is to cause the students to reflect on the Scriptures in light of their personal lives and to grow in their Biblical worldview.
  • Adapt classroom instruction for the eLearning platform.
  • Create and deliver instructional methods/activities to reach the needs of students with various learning styles.
  • Provide feedback to students on specific assignments to enable the students to track their progress. Summative assessments will also be given.
  • Connect with students on an individual basis if help is needed.
  • Seek opportunities to maintain student relationships, and create opportunities for group/whole class interactions.
  • Specific to grades: K-5: Provide live teaching once a day and additional recorded lessons to allow for scheduling flexibility in grades K-5.
  • Specific to grades: 6-12: Provide a scheduled program for grades 6-12 that will include live teaching, contact with teachers, and recordings. Attendance will be taken at each session.
  • Specific to grades: 6-12: Provide opportunities to “meet” with students “live” via Zoom video conferencing. This is considered to be beneficial to support instruction and is mandatory for students in grades 6-12.

The school will provide:

  • Encouragement and updates as needed
  • Prayer opportunities
  • Chapels that can be viewed by families at their convenience
  • Links via the eLearning Resource Website to assist families and students in a variety of areas
  • Counseling services for students as needed
  • Guidance services for juniors and seniors as needed