Christian Heritage Academy is home to creative thought and purposeful expression. Our school has made a challenging claim from its inception:  that it will seek to provide “an exemplary education based on biblical values to children of Christian families, equipping them to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ.”

Under the guidance of highly qualified and spiritually mature teachers, students learn how to resolve conflicts, strengthen their faith, gain confidence, and become life long learners. Teachers and students explore all academic areas in a variety of ways in order to engage and to challenge each individual student. We encourage our students to ask the challenging, even difficult questions and we rely on the Bible as our infallible measuring stick.

Our rigorous curricular objectives, goals, assessments, and materials are developed, chosen, and carried out with great care, research, and prayer. Student interest, national and state standards (common core standards), secular and Christian materials and biblical truth are all part of curriculum and staff development. As expressed in our Philosophy of Education, “Christian Heritage Academy provides an environment that encourages a Christ-centered inquiry into culture and creation, with the divinely inspired scriptures providing the foundation, absolutes and principles for such instruction.”  (2 Timothy 3:16)

Please contact the Admissions Office for specific curriculum details by grade levels.