The Bible is the Word of God, an historical document, and a guide for living to the fullest with hope in a dark world. The Word is the standard of absolute truth which has the authority to speak to all areas of faith and life. Students will study the Old and New Testaments in order to know their Father in heaven and to live in order to please Him.

Language Arts

The study of language arts is foundational to all other learning. It is essential both for comprehension and effective communication. English language studies that include in American literature, writing and speaking will equip students with the ability to be lifelong learners, analytical thinkers, and articulate speakers, thus preparing them to do the work of God’s kingdom.


Mathematics is a study of patterns and relationships and their logical manipulations. It is a way of thinking that provides strategies for organizing, analyzing, and synthesizing data, and a language, which uses carefully defined terms and symbols. It is a tool that can be used in advanced mathematics, areas where applied mathematics are used, and in everyday, real life problem-solving situations. At Christian Heritage Academy, we believe that mathematics gives us insight into the Creator and His purposeful design in our world and universe. It reveals to us aspects of the character of God such as orderliness and creativity and shows design, symmetry, complexity, harmony, and precision in His creation.


Through the study of life, physical, and earth sciences, students discover the glory and design of God’s creation as they learn to how to apply scientific knowledge and skills. scientific subjects are taught in PCBA order (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology).

Social Studies

Students study and analyze history’s complex events and interactions with an understanding of man’s sinfulness, Christ’s sacrifice, and our ultimate redemption by His grace. Human Geography, European History and World History and other courses are offered.

Fine Arts
Our students learn about people and civilizations through music, art, technology, and the spoken word, opening their eyes and hearts to others, enhancing their knowledge of themselves, others, and in our context—the Creator, Himself. Students experience and create art at CHA in a multitude of media, including music, theatre, two and three dimensional works and technology.


From coding and computer languages to digital design, videography, and web design, technological skills are essential in today’s world. …

Physical Education
Through Physical Education, our Upper School students will develop a lifestyle that is active and healthy. The curriculum uses a variety of team and individual sport activities in the development of physical skills and Christ-like character.

World Language

Our spoken and written language is a gift from God that enables us to form relationships on a deeper level. By learning a language other than our own, students are challenged to expand their comprehension of the world and its inhabitants, preparing them for life in a global community.

Between first and second semester, Christian Heritage Academy Upper School offers a special two-week term at the beginning of January. Winterim, as we call it, is a break from the normal class schedule and is designed to allow students to explore subject areas and experiences beyond our regular academic curriculum.


At Christian Heritage Academy, co-curricular activities provide an additional setting in which students may follow their passions, nurture their talents and make new friends. Excellence, good sportsmanship, stewardship and working as unto the Lord are emphasized by Christian teachers and parents who serve as activity sponsors and/or instructors. Activities may vary from year to year, and may be provided based on student interest and faculty sponsorship.

Course descriptions and detailed curriculum information is available upon request from our Admissions Office (847 446-5252).