I’m Waiting

This past Mother’s Day weekend I had a one and a half hours of rare one on one face time with my daughter Sarah. It was a wonderful treat because we can discuss most any topic aggressively [...]

Follow Jesus?

Here is a sampling of CHA fifth graders response to the teacher’s question – What does it mean to follow Jesus? Read and be blessed. Boy: To follow Jesus means that I should follow [...]

Seize Eternity

As I designed my post-CHA business card, I had to decide what I wanted on my card in addition to my contact information.

Great to Good

Today’s culture says: “Man is good, how do we make him great?” Scripture says: “Man is sinful, how do we save him?” These two sentences are clearly contrasting in their worldview and approach to [...]

Nine Rules for Parenting

Susannah Wesley was the mother of 19 children, including John (who with his brother founded the Methodist Church and Charles Wesley (known for writing 6000+ hymns). Through much adversity, she [...]

Christ in All Three

Parents are responsible before God to interweave biblical principles as they help create the fabric of Christian character in their child’s life. Three strands of consistent values [...]

Investing in Christian Education

Happy 2017!  The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to dream what is possible for our families, and to make plans to turn those dreams into reality. It also makes good sense to decide [...]