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Reflections about the Class of 2016

Class of 2016 bulletin board

  • from a Teacher – I have been blessed to see them grow and develop as I have had the opportunity to teach them social studies over the past four years. They are gifted in many of the fine arts, and I will always remember their beautiful harmonized singing of Happy Birthday to myself and their peers.
  • from a Teacher – Two students of the Class of 2016, were part of CHA Bands. It was a great opportunity and blessing to see them every Tuesday and Thursday, impacting their peers in a positive way. They were a real model for their younger classmates (9th-12th) in behavior, academics and the most important one, Jesus Christ’s followers. May God continue to bless their steps on the paths towards His Kingdom.
  • from a Teacher – My observation:  the seniors I know are committed to Christ, dedicated to excellence, compassionate toward others, willing to serve. Leadership qualities abound. All these qualities weren’t always there – they have matured through their years at CHA’s Upper School. God is doing His good work in our high school.
  • from a Student – What is different about my class is that we are all so different. We come from very different backgrounds with different opinions and beliefs. In any normal situation, like at a bigger public school, I do not think too many of us would be friends. We have gone through our difficulties and had our dramas and fights, like any normal class has, but at the end of the day, we all love each other and really care about one another. I personally could not ask for a better family to graduate with than my class.
  • from a Teacher – The Class of 2016 loves spirituals and gospel music. They are a singing class, and we have enjoyed great worship times “coram Deo” in Bible class, singing on Mondays and Fridays. Mrs. Driscoll’s class next door even enjoys hearing us sing (unless they are taking a test)!
  • from a Teacher – The class of 2016 can be characterized by their earnest seeking of the Lord; their soft-hearts for the voiceless, the widow and the orphan; their desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, an epic story of grace; the desire to be true Ambassadors of Christ. They are a warm group that loves CHA’s Upper School and the mission here. They seek knowledge and wisdom and to utilize their gifts and what they have learned at CHA to be a blessing. Out of the 11 graduating seniors, four wish to seek medical training; one desires to be a veterinarian, one an engineer, one a Bible teacher, one wants to be a missionary, one possibly a gym teacher or graphic artist, one wants to study in Spain, and one a journalist. The Lord will use them mightily!
  • from a Teacher – When I think of this graduating class I am reminded of the church – a diversity of parts who are one in Christ. I Cor 12:12ff, esp. v. 27 “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.”