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The Student Council Challenges you to Dive In!

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, bills… it all adds up!

For this extraordinary student-led fundraising event, all CHA classes will collect coins to support CHA’s fall financial goal over the three weeks of COINUCOPIA. Check under the sofa cushions, look in the bottom of your pockets or purse, do extra chores for your family or neighbors to earn coins or bills… You may even want to keep a jar on your kitchen counter at home to accumulate coins to bring in during Coinucopia.

Incentive prizes for each grade will be awarded. 

Water & Wellness Coin Drive

With overall challenge goals to include an All-School Goal of $75,000 and a “Stretch Goal” of $100,000 (more details below), Coinucopia proceeds will fund Water & Wellness initiatives at CHA:

  • Water Main Replacement
  • Washroom Improvements
  • Water Bottle Filling Station / Water Fountain
  • Wellness / Athletic Equipment

From October 29 through November 20, students will be filling a jug in each classroom with coins. Each week the jug is emptied and counted toward their grade total. The last chance to give will be on Tuesday, November 20, at Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day. A preliminary total will be announced that morning at Grandparents’ & Special Friends Day Chapel.

There will be incentive prizes for each grade for various milestones:  

  • ​Ice Cream Party ($1,000)
  • “Drive-in” movie with popcorn, or snowball/water balloon fight for the class($2,500)
  • Gym party with new sports equipment ($5,000)
  • Off-campus activity, such as laser tag ($10,000)

Challenge Goals

If the All-School Goal is reached, Mr. Tim Dinkelman, Vice President of Finance and Operations, and Mr. Gil de las Alas, Board Chairman will take a POLAR PLUNGE into Lake Michigan this winter!

“STRETCH” GOAL:  $100,000
If the Stretch Goal is reached, Dr. Hutz Hertzberg, President, and Miss Joan Okamoto, Principal, will dye their hair the color of students’ choice!

Parents, Grandparents, Friends & Neighbors:
Join the effort, encourage our students and support our school!

Make a Coinucopia matching donation or financial gift of your choice.

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