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"Rev Your Engines" for CHA's Coinucopia 2020!

Monday, Nov. 2 - Friday, Dec. 4

This year’s goal: $75,000

Funds from Coinucopia 2020 will help offset the financial impact that COVID-19 has had on our budget. Put your pedal to the metal and help us fill CHA’s tank!

Matching Gift Announcement

A generous donor has zoomed in with an offer to match every coin raised up to $75,000! This means if we reach our fundraising goal of $75,000, we will be at $150,000 total. What a blessing! May this news be an encouragement to you as we finish out the second half of the race.

Students: You’re in the driver’s seat

As you and your classmates pick up speed we’ll race to the finish line together for this annual fundraising effort! Mile markers and race awards are shown below.

CHA Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, & Friends – Kick it into overdrive

Partner with the pit crew and apply your donation to any grade(s) you wish!


9th Grade – $11,955.68
5th Grade – $10,620.25
6th Grade – $8,970.77
11th Grade – $8,378.64
4th Grade – $7,102.45
8th Grade – $6,599.02
10th Grade – $5,788.07
7th Grade – $5,596.37
3rd Grade – $5,496.61
1st Grade – $5,168.49
Pre-K – $2,120.76
Kindergarten – $2,054.66
2nd Grade – $2,017.33
12th Grade – $2,000.42

Final Recap:
What is Coinucopia?

CHA’s annual Coinucopia is an all school fund drive to raise money for critical needs at Christian Heritage Academy. It’s a time to work together for a common goal, which this year is to “Fuel the School!” So get ready to “rev your engines” and race toward the goal as Team CHA!

How does it work?

Beginning Monday, November 2, and running through Friday, December 4, students will be encouraged to bring in any and all coins they can. The donations will be collected into “fuel tanks” in each classroom as a competition between grades as to who can raise the most money, with prizes awarded based on the level of their success. There will be reports on how well our tanks are filling up posted on bulletin boards, on CHA Central (on the web), and even during pick-up and drop-off.

Who else can contribute?

Parents, grandparents, friends…ANYONE! This is a great opportunity for your child to tell others about their experience at CHA and how this school year in particular is going. People may donate by sending in coins, cash, or checks with a student, or by giving online by clicking the Fuel the School – Donate button above.

What are the goals and how will the funds be used?

To reach a full tank in the “Fuel the School” campaign, we will need to collect $75,000. With a reduction in enrollment due to COVID-19 and limited space-sharing income from facility rentals, the funds raised this year will go toward the yearly budget instead of a specific project (like doors, a water main, etc.). This will include coverage of our ongoing expenses, such as instructional materials, lights, heat, etc., that occur no matter our exact number of students. CHA’s yearly overall fundraising goal is $700,000, so all Coinucopia 2020 donations will contribute to this need.

Who should I call with questions?

Contact Robb Hansen in the development office at 847-446-5252 or reach out to him via email at


Thank you in advance for helping us get through to the finish line. We hope to share news of a victory lap with you!