Thanks to generous students, parents, relatives, faculty, staff, and friends of CHA, we ended the Coinucopia 2021 fundraiser at $215,383.81. PRAISE GOD for his provision!

"Roar for the Floor" in CHA's Coinucopia 2021!

Monday, Nov. 1 - Friday, Dec. 3

This year’s goal: $100,000

Each coin (or gift) donated will go toward campus improvements, starting with new carpet in the library! Join Roary the Lion and all of CHA as we ROAR FOR THE FLOOR together!

Matching Gift Announcement

Rip-roaring news: A generous donor has offered to match every coin raised up to $100,000! This means if we reach our fundraising goal of $100,000, we will be at $200,000 total. What a blessing!

Students: How loud can YOU roar?

You and your “pride” will work together—by classes, grades, and school levels—to score some amazing rewards! Stay tuned for the prizes!

CHA Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, & Friends – Join the pack

Add your roar by applying your donation to any grade(s) you wish!

Roary’s Scoreboard


“Want Some More” Award – $2,500
Ice Cream Party – 12/10/21
Winners: ALL GRADES!

“Hungry No More” Award – $5,000
Fast-Food Lunch for Your Grade – 12/15/21
Winners: ALL GRADES!

“Weighted Score Award” – Highest Average Contribution by Class Size
Grade 9 with an average of $505.20 per student!


“Snore for the Floor” Award – $25,000 – EARNED!
All-School Pajama Day – 11/22/21

“Off the Floor” Award – $50,000 – EARNED!
9 Square in the Air equipment – It’s here!

“War for the Floor” Award – $75,000 – EARNED!
Principals’ Battle – Date TBA
(Will Miss Okamoto have to dye her hair…or Mr. Torgerson shave his head?!)

“Double Roar” Award – $100,000 – EARNED!
All-School Trampoline Party – Date TBA

(Final Count)

Faculty/Staff – 13,480.37
Grade 2 – 11,101.57
Grade 8 – 9,582.78
Grade 7 – 9,214.61
Grade 6 – 8,774.76
Grade 11 – 8,707.82
Grade 10 – 8,307.06
Grade 4 – 7,749.07
Grade 1 – 7,051.46
Grade 5 – 5,704.82
PK – 5,344.58
Grade 3 – 5,180.67
Grade 12 – 5,111.36
Grade 9  – 5,052.02
KG – 5,020.86

TOTAL:  $115,383.81
plus a $100,000 matching gift

GRAND TOTAL:  $215,383.81!


What is Coinucopia?

CHA’s annual Coinucopia is an all school fund drive to raise money for critical needs at Christian Heritage Academy. It’s a time to work together for a common goal, which this year is to begin by re-carpeting the library. So get ready to roar as we score for the floor!

How does it work?

Beginning Monday, November 1, and running through Friday, December 3, students will be encouraged to bring in any and all coins they can. The donations will be collected into tubs in each classroom as a competition between grades as to who can raise the most money, with prizes awarded based on the level of their success. CHA’s mascot, Roary the Lion, will present weekly scoreboard reports on our collective roar!

Who else can contribute?

Parents, grandparents, friends…ANYONE! This is a great opportunity for your child to tell others about their experience at CHA and how this school year in particular is going. People may donate by sending in coins, cash, or checks with a student, or by giving online by clicking the Roar for the Floor – Donate button.

What are the goals and how will the funds be used?

To fully “Roar for the Floor,” we are aiming to raise $100,000. Funds raised will be used re-carpet the school library, and make other improvements to the CHA facilities. We want to take great care of this wonderful den we have!

Who should I call with questions?

Contact Robb Hansen in the development office at 847-446-5252 or reach out to him via email.

The grade(s) of your choice will receive credit for your donation. Thank you for your generous giving to CHA!