"Level Up" Learning Spaces in CHA's Coinucopia 2022!

Monday, Oct. 31 - Saturday, Dec. 31

This year’s goal: $200,000!

While every year’s Coinucopia donations help further CHA’s mission, this year, half of every dollar donated will go directly toward “leveling up” learning spaces for students at CHA, helping us better reach our expected student outcome (ESO) goal of thinking creatively, critically, and collaboratively!

Matching Gift Announcement

A generous donor has offered to match every coin raised up to $200,000! This means if we reach our fundraising goal of 200,000, we will be at $400,000 total. What a blessing!

Students: Help Your Grade Level Up!

This is your opportunity to improve your learning spaces! Each grade level, PK through 12, collaborates to raise the most money they can. There are also fun bonus prizes available each time the school levels up. Go for it!

CHA Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, & Friends – We Need You, Too

$200,000 in coins would be a bit…outrageous! That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to donate online and apply your gift to any grade(s) you wish! Please join us by sending in coins, cash, or checks with a student, or by giving online through the Donate button. Thank you so much!

Early Ed & Lower School

5th Grade – $ 22,345.25

3rd Grade – $ 19,949.28

4th Grade – $ 12,561.52

Kindergarten – $ 11,600.30

2nd Grade – $ 8,233.38

Preschool – $ 4,838.37

1st Grade – $ 2,634.15

Middle School

8th Grade – $ 12,596.22

6th Grade – $ 7,387.78

7th Grade – $ 5,578.29

Upper School

10th Grade – $ 9,663.99

12th Grade – $ 3,011.62

9th Grade – $ 1,772.09

11th Grade – $ 696.92

What is Coinucopia?

CHA’s annual Coinucopia is an all school fund drive to raise money for critical needs at Christian Heritage Academy. It’s a time to work together for a common goal, which this year is to enhance our learning spaces to further improve our efforts toward creative, critical, and collaborative thinking!

How does it work?

Beginning Monday, October 31, and running through Saturday, December 31, students are encouraged to bring in any and all coins they can. The donations will be collected into tubs in each classroom as a competition between grades as to who can raise the most money, with prizes awarded based on the level of their success.

Who else can contribute?

Parents, grandparents, friends…ANYONE! This is a great opportunity for your child to tell others about their experience at CHA and how this school year in particular is going. People may donate by sending in coins, cash, or checks with a student, or by giving online through the Donate button on this Coinucopia webpage.

What are the goals and how will the funds be used?

See the slides above!

Thank you for your generous giving to CHA, enabling us to even better achieve our mission!