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Please note that, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the March 31 enrollment confirmation deadline has been extended to April 30, 2020.

Confirm Your CHA Student Enrollment for Next Year, TODAY!

When your child is admitted to Christian Heritage Academy, it is our hope and expectation that he or she will continue to attend until Upper School graduation. Upon initial enrollment, each family must pay a $500 per child enrollment deposit. This deposit remains on account with us and will be deducted from your final bill at graduation. Should you choose to withdraw in any given year prior to graduation, and inform us in a timely manner (currently March 31 April 30), all funds on deposit will be returned to you.

The enrollment confirmation process has two parts:

  • First, families are assessed a $125 per child enrollment confirmation fee on their November bill each year.
  • Second, families are asked to confirm their intention to return the following fall through a brief set of four clicks in Veracross.

This process, and the fee, are an annual reminder of the importance of keeping us informed of your plans. Families failing to complete this two step process by March 31 April 30 of any given year, will be assessed an additional $125 late enrollment confirmation fee.

Should you choose not to return to CHA the following fall, you are responsible to inform the registrar’s office of your decision no later than March 31 April 30. Families and students indicating they will not return by March 31 April 30, will be fully refunded any and all funds on deposit with us. Families who fail to inform us of plans to leave the school by March 31 April 30, forfeit all funds on deposit with CHA, and are required to reapply to the school for admission. In most cases this is possible, however certain grades may not be able to accommodate additional students.  New students are given preference over students re-applying.
Should you have questions regarding this process, please contact the Registrar’s office.