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Eighth Grade Celebration Service and “Glorify” Chapel

May 23, 2019 was a very full and special day for our Eighth Grade class. On the evening of May 23, CHA parents, faculty and eighth grade students gathered in the CHA Auditorium for the Eighth Grade Celebration Service, a special service to celebrate all that the Lord has done in the lives of our eighth grade graduates.  After an opening prayer by Dr. Hertzberg and song from the Ambassadors Choir, students Annebelle Murphy, David Pausan and Lathy Motsinger shared testimonies on the tremendous impact their parents and teachers at CHA had in their lives and in middle school.

After a warm and encouraging charge from Mrs. Julie Davis, MS Science Teacher, Ms. Okamoto and Dr. Hertzberg presented the following honors and awards.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence, sponsored by the United States Department of Education, recognizes academic success of at least a 90% ending cumulative average, as well as high achievement in standardized testing.

Congratulations to the 14 recipients of this award: Jubilee Chen, Elijah Cherian, Ani Christian, Nathan Chung, Nina de las Alas, Kevin Geake, Judah Lee, Ellie Moen, Lathy Motsinger, David Pausan, Aria Shum, Rachel Tedford, Caleb Tsai, Alisha Zachariah.

Presidential Award for Educational Achievement, also sponsored by the United States Department of Education, awards students who show diligent effort and perseverance on a consistent, day-to-day basis. Congratulations to the four recipients of this award: Natalie Kattan, Jonathan Shaw, Francesco Santi and Ally Collett.

Scholastic Achievement Award is given to students who have received a 95% and above grade point average. Plaques were presented to nine students: Jubilee Chen, Nina de las Alas, Kevin Geake, Judah Lee, Niki Lipscomb, Renee Macovi, Ellie Moen, Lathy Motsinger and Caleb Tsai.

Wayne Luecht Service Award is awarded to 8th grade students who have shown a servant’s heart. Four students received this award: Nathan Chung, Maya Joseph, Elizabeth Nakashima and Rachel Tedford.

The Heritage Award is given to students who display spiritual leadership, concern for others, school spirit and consistent academic effort. The recipients of this award are: Ellie Moen and Alisha Zachariah.

Congratulations to all our award recipients and graduates!

Another special highlight of the day took place earlier in the day in the Eighth Graders’ “Glorify” Chapel. From dance to song, spoken word, devotional and video, students displayed their talents and creativity, joy and faith in God in all circumstances. Those who wish to view the service may watch the video on our YouTube channel.  Click below to watch Rachel Tedford’s video, “Eight Things I Learned in Eighth Grade”.

Congratulations, Eighth Grade Students! You have achieved far more than excellence in academics, arts and athletics. You have grown in character, wisdom and excellence. We are very proud of your diligence and hunger to grow and learn over the years, and give thanks to God for all He has done and will yet do in your lives.

“Eight Things I Learned in Eighth Grade” – Video by Rachel Tedford, 8th Grade Student