This information is subject to change as needed, per the CHA Administration.

The schedule below shows the program for grades 6-12. Learning days will be designated as A-J. The Day Designation will be posted on CHA School Calendar (that can be found in your Veracross Portal and on the CHA website here), so students will not become confused. If it is an A day, students would follow their Monday schedule as listed under the letter A. If it is an H day, the students would follow their Thursday schedule as listed under the letter H.

All students are expected to attend every class, including mentoring and social times. Students should have their video turned on so they can be seen. If a class is a study hall or lunch period, students can work on whatever has been assigned to them. They do not need to log in for those periods. Attendance will be taken in each class and grades will be impacted if students do not attend class. Parents must contact the school if their child is ill and not attending classes.