Christian Heritage Academy is committed to offering financial aid to families that have demonstrated need in order for their children to attend. Such full-time students in grades K-12 may receive up to 40% off net tuition. In special circumstances, you may qualify for even more through CHA’s Special Assistance Fund, subject to available funds. If other discounts are available to a student, the maximum combination of all financial aid and discounts is up to 75% of a student’s tuition.

Any current or newly-enrolling family may apply to be considered for these funds each year. Final decisions on awards are made by the Financial Aid Committee using the following process detailed below. The Committee is committed to reviewing each request individually, within consistent and measurable objective results, and prayerfully asking for the Lord’s wisdom in each step of the process.


Financial aid awarded in 2022-23


Portion of the student body who received financial aid


Opportunity for total tuition covered by financial aid


Invest in Kids scholarships awarded to CHA students

Financial Aid Process


The CHA Board of Directors determines the overall level of financial aid available each year. The Board establishes a Financial Aid Committee to oversee the disbursement process.


Families who wish to be considered for financial aid must apply with a Grant & Aid Assessment through FACTS, an independent, third-party company that does the financial analysis to assist CHA in determining a family’s financial assistance need and reasonable tuition contribution. An explanation of the process and required documents are located in the FAQ section below. Non-refundable application fee – $35


The Financial Aid Committee reviews financial information for each applicant on an anonymous basis in conjunction with the recommended aid award calculated by FACTS. The Financial Aid Committee then ensures that the recommended aid is awarded consistently and equitably to those with demonstrated need, and in accordance with the amount of aid funds available. More details are in the FAQ section below.


Families applying for aid will receive an official decision from the Financial Aid Committee and have two weeks to accept the award. Once awarded, as a condition of receiving the aid for the coming school year, all prior financial obligations to CHA must be satisfied.

Financial Aid Timeline

  • Beginning in Fall, families apply (or re-enroll) to CHA for the following school year.
  • Beginning in early November, families submit their financial aid application directly through FACTS for the following school year. FACTS will verify the applicant information against supporting documentation which may take up to 14 business days.
  • CHA’s Financial Aid Committee will receive a report from FACTS after each application has been received and verified. The Committee’s decision will be made place only after enrollment (or re-enrollment) is complete.
  • CHA will begin awarding financial aid in early March on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to re-enrolling families.
  • Families who do not receive financial aid will receive notification from the Financial Aid Committee. In unusual circumstances, families may be able to appeal the decision. See Financial Aid Appeal Process in the FAQ below.
  • Families who receive financial aid have two weeks to confirm acceptance of the award. Acceptance after this deadline is contingent on remaining funds available.


If you have questions, please click the appropriate link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does FACTS require to assess financial aid eligibility?
  • Most recent W-2 statement(s) for all household wage-earners
  • Most recent filed tax statements (personal and business, if applicable)
  • Detailed asset information (e.g., checking, savings, retirement, and other assets which could help support tuition payments)
  • Other detailed information on incomes and household expenses which encompass approximately 60+ financial data points
How does FACTS determine the amount of aid needed?

FACTS determines the needed amount of financial assistance using a computation based on a formula that is nationally accepted by independent schools. The process is outlined below.


  • Taxable income (household income, business income adjusted for non-cash expenses, capital gains/losses, retirement distributions, etc.)
  • Non-taxable income
  • Contribution from other financial assets (saving accounts, checking accounts, CDs, brokerage or equity accounts and/or mutual fund accounts, 401k and retirement accounts, and 529 plans)

– FACTS considers some 401k and retirement assets “protected” based on the age of the older parent
The maximum amount of contribution to tuition from non-protected assets is approximately 12%


This is calculated as Total Family Resources less Core Expenses and Allocated Expenses.

– Core Expenses are those deemed necessary for a household, such as mortgage or rent, vehicle payments and insurance, daycare/childcare, child support obligations, and health insurance premiums and medical expenses.
– Allocated Expenses are not requested on the application and are expenses that FACTS allocates to a family based on region, household size, and income. Allocated expenses ensure that families are treated fairly and “levels the playing field” to normalize such expenses for each family. This includes: food, apparel, utilities, other transportation expenses, taxes (local, state, and federal), and expenses for entertainment.

  • Both Core Expenses and Allocated Expenses have caps to ensure that the aid award does not subsidize lifestyle expenses. For example, any rent or mortgage payment which exceeds 28% of family income is considered a discretionary expense.
  • Expenses which are not Core or Allocated and are above the FACTS established caps for each category are considered discretionary and available to pay tuition. Examples may include: credit card payments, student loans, and second house payments.


FACTS understands that there are other expenses that a household has and that IACE may not be 100% available to cover tuition payments. Therefore, depending on household income, FACTS will assume a minimum of 18.5% of IACE and up to 50% may be used to pay for a student’s tuition.


Step 1: Total Financial Resources – Core Expenses = Income After Core Expenses

Step 2: Income After Core Expenses x Tuition Contribution Factor = Household Tuition Contribution

A family’s Household Tuition Contribution is what a family should be able to contribute toward a student’s tuition at CHA or any other private school. If a student’s tuition is greater than the Household Tuition Contribution, then this is the amount FACTS would recommend for financial aid.

This figure is then passed back to CHA for consideration by the Financial Aid Committee.

How does CHA's Financial Aid Committee make the final decision, and when will notifications be given?

The Financial Aid Committee is 3-4 members comprised of both CHA staff and independent persons and is tasked with consistently and equitably stewarding the limited financial aid such that financial aid is available to as many families as possible across the CHA family.

The Committee reviews—on an anonymous basis—the FACTS recommended aid amount, individual circumstances of each aid applicant based on written commentary, and then recommends a financial aid award for each student.

As outlined in the financial aid timeline above, CHA will begin awarding applications for the upcoming school year in early March on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to re-enrolling families.

In order to have the best chance for consideration, we recommend that your application to FACTS is complete by late February. Questions? Contact Sandi Decker.

Is there a financial aid appeal process?

We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise that make the information reported on the financial aid application an incomplete reflection of a family’s current financial situation. In these circumstances (such as job loss, death, severe illness, etc.), families may be able to request an appeal for the CHA Financial Aid Committee to re-evaluate the award.

If you have an unusual circumstance of this nature and would like to be considered for additional aid, please follow the steps below.

  1. Contact CHA’s Financial Aid Committee. If, after viewing the financial aid decision, you feel that your circumstances prevent CHA from being an affordable option, contact the Financial Aid Committee. You must contact the committee within two weeks of the initial aid decision to be considered for an appeal. For questions about the financial aid appeal process, please contact the Coordinator of Financial Services.
  2. Provide requested documentation. The Financial Aid Committee will determine what documentation will be necessary to process the appeal. This may include items such as projected income forms or medical bills.
  3. Await a decision. After receiving the requested information, the Financial Aid Committee will review the information provided and will make the final decision. You will be given an approximate timeline of when you can expect to receive the decision. Please note that the decision will be contingent upon financial aid funds available.