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First Week of School
August 17-21

Grades 1-12, 8:30 AM – 3:20 PM
PK-KG, Varied First Week Schedule


The 2020-21 year certainly will be memorable, not just because of COVID-19, but because of the opportunity to learn and grow together again as the Christian Heritage Academy community!

Did you know that we draw from 55 communities within the Chicagoland area and there are 170 church congregations represented among us? Yet there is ONE thing that draws us together–our faith in Jesus Christ.

We realize that with such a diverse group of people comes many emotions, particularly as we begin in-person classes again after state mandates that required remote learning this past spring. While many of you are excited and ready to jump in to a new school year, others are nervous. Some are joyful, some grieving. Some have a little bit of all these emotions (this includes not only our students, but our teachers, too)!

As we continue navigating this journey, we will all need to practice good listening, empathy, patience, kindness, and most importantly, love. We are in this together!

Let’s talk logistics. The first week will require attentiveness and flexibility. Morning drop-off is simply going to take longer (which is why it will now start at 7:50 AM). Please familiarize yourself with the school zone safety guidelines and revised traffic flow maps in the 2020-21 Parent-Student Handbook prior to the first day.

When you arrive and utilize the revised Arrival Traffic Flow Plan shown in this video, your student’s temperature will be checked before you leave (and parents will answer a few brief health screening questions).

As your child leaves the vehicle, make sure she or he:

  • Has all their belongings (backpack, water bottles, lunch, extra masks, etc.)
  • Is wearing a face mask (please note that gaiters will no longer be allowed)

Staff will be located inside to help students get to these UPDATED locations: PK-K to their classrooms, Grade 1 students to the student center, Grades 2 & 5 students to their classrooms, Grades 3-4 students to the gym, and Grades 6-12 students to their homeroom class.

Pick-up at the end of the day (see revised Dismissal Traffic Flow map and watch this video) will require patience for the new processes, as well. Children will remain in their classrooms until their pick-up driver has arrived so as not to congregate in large groups.

Check out our full Back to School page to make sure you’re ready for the 2020-21 school year.

Welcome back, Christian Heritage Academy!