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Congratulations, Illinois State Scholars!

L to R: 2018-19 Illinois State Scholars, Rachel Kim, Joy Chavez, Annika Dinkelman, Olivia Chung and Gabrielle Alava

ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission) is pleased to recognize five CHA upper school students for their outstanding academic achievement. Congratulations to the following seniors that have been named 2018-19 Illinois State Scholars:

  • Gabrielle Alava
  • Joy Chavez
  • Olivia Chung
  • Annika Dinkelman
  • Rachel Kim

Each year, approximately 10% of all Illinois high school graduates are named State Scholars, as determined by a combination of ACT/SAT test scores, unweighted GPA, and class size. At CHA, our Illinois State Scholars represent 22% of the senior class of 22 students. We wish to congratulate these students for their efforts and accomplishment.

The ISAC website states: “The State Scholar Program publicly and personally identifies graduating high school seniors who possess superior academic potential. Students from nearly every high school in Illinois compete in the program. State Scholars can be found on the campuses of nearly 200 public and private institutions of higher education in Illinois. The combination of students’ exemplary college entrance examination scores and record high school achievement indicate an especially high potential for success in college. To be named an Illinois State Scholar is an outstanding accomplishment that will be a highlight of the recipient’s academic record…Each student designated as a State Scholar receives a congratulatory letter, a Certificate of Achievement and statewide recognition in the news media.”

Certificates of Achievement will be presented to these students at the Soli Deo Honors Chapel on May 24, 2019.