In CHA Community

Here is a sampling of CHA fifth graders response to the teacher’s question – What does it mean to follow Jesus? Read and be blessed.

Boy: To follow Jesus means that I should follow him even though I might get laughed at by other kids. Another meaning to follow Jesus is to give him all my heart, unlike Ananias and Saphira who sold something but didn’t give it all up. In general from my thoughts I feel I should follow Jesus by doing what Jesus wants me to do.

Girl: To follow Jesus means that I obey him every day and do his will. When I do his will that means that I do what he plans for me. I obey him. I have done this and I will keep doing this.

Boy: It means to me that I should give to the church 10% of my salary and put it in the offering basket, and I also learned that I shouldn’t brag to other people, like I shouldn’t brag to hobos.

Boy: To me following Jesus means to listen to God, not people who tell you to do things that are not honoring to God. For example the council kept telling the apostles to stop teaching about Jesus. They asked God whether or not they should listen and the answer was to keep teaching. I will try to accomplish this by following what I think God wants, not what I want. If someone tells me to do something that is being mean or hurting someone, I should not do it even if it means not being friends with them anymore.

Girl: To follow Jesus means that I will stand my ground and believe in what is right. Also, I will make sure to have more faith in God, and I should put all my troubles and leave them to God. Also it means that God is the only one who can save us, and death is not final. And that you should always trust in God, and that we should never look back.

Girl: To follow Jesus means that I believe that Jesus died for my sins. It also means that I trust him to take care of me.  It also means to devote my life to him and pretty much die for how strongly I believe in him. I love him with all of my heart and trust him.