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After a year of study in Germany I purchased a VW Beetle and did the “drive through as many countries in Europe as possible” trip. Several of the countries I visited were still under communism. My encounter with the Grenzpolizei at the Berlin Wall–Checkpoint Charlie, to be precise–was more dangerous than I realized as I reflect on the experience. I also spent time at the abandoned Nazi Dachau Concentration Camp.

Those experiences made me realize more fully the freedom I experience every day in America. In addition to political freedom we teach our CHA students the freedom they have in Christ; see John 8:32.  Jesus said, If you keep obeying my teachings . . . you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. 

We are grateful for those who defend our freedom by serving in our military. Below is a list of CHA students’  and staff relatives who have served or are serving in the military. I would like to build this list so please email me your additions at

CHA Family Relationship Name Military Branch Notes
Ahn Uncle Brian Lee Marines  
Arnold Grandfather Thomas Szymanski Army Korean War, 10 years.
Arnold Grandmother Mary Lou Campbell Army Korean War, 2 years.
Arnold Grandfather Richard Arnold   Korean War, 2 years.
Arnold Great Uncle Stanley Szymanski Army WWII, 4 years.

Killed at Battle of
the Bulge.
Purple Heart & Silver Star

Arnold Nephew Adam Betz Navy Medic, 3 years,
2nd Iraq War
Arnold Cousin Kendall Knafl Navy 2 years
Athanasakos Grandfather Leo Athanasakos Army WWII
Burg Father John Burg Army Aircorp  
Burg Grandfather Matthew Gross Army Ret. Colonel
Burg Grandfather John Burg Army (?) WWII Staff Sergeant
Collins Grandfather Harold Humphries Army Served in WWII as a pilot.
Is now 102 years old.
Collins Grandfather Trent Humphries Navy Served in Vietnam.
Collins Grandfather William Collins Army  
Conatser Grandfather Earl Conatser Marines WWII
Conatser Grandfather Richard Nieman Army Vietnam
Copetas Grandfather John Copetas Air Force Korean War
Copetas Uncle Panos Papelekas Air Force Vietnam
Davis Grandfather Dick Renfro Navy Served on USS Shangri-La, a “pocket” carrier 1950-1954.  Served during Cuban Missile Crisis.
Decker Alumnae Elizabeth Decker Navy Lieutenant  JG
Dinkelman Grandfather Richard Zimmerman Navy Multiple tours in Vietnam.
Elafros Grandfather Bernard Elafros Army WWII
Elafros Grandfather LaRue Schad Army Korea
Frahler Great-Uncle Paul Jennings Navy Lieutenant

just after WWII (served about 5 years)

Frahler Great Uncle James Murray Jennings Army Battle of the Bulge
Frahler Grandfather Andrew Frahler Navy WWII, Korea, Vietnam
20 years’ service
Frahler Uncle Don Frahler Navy Vietnam (officer)
25 years’ service
Frahler Father Ron Frahler Navy 3 years active duty
Kahren Brother Jack Bell Army Korea
Kahren Uncle Paul Jacoby Army WWII Europe

Communications Officer
for Justice Robert Jackson
during Nuremburg Trials

Kaneshiro Father Jack Kenmotsu Army WWII
Kaneshiro Father-in-Law Charles Kaneshiro Army Korean War
Kaneshiro Father Jack Kenmotsu Army WWII
Kaneshiro Father-in-law Charles Kaneshiro Army Korean War
Kotsonis Alumnae Karly Kotsonis Marines  
Langsam Grandfather Leonard Langsam Army  
Langsam Grandfather Vernon Rietow Army Korean
Lauby Grandfather Robert Scheitlin Army  
Lauby Great Grandfather ________  Lauby Army Chaplain
Lauby Brother Nathanael Lauby Army Specialist, MP (current)
Lin Son Moses Lin Marines Corporal, June 2011-Sept, 2014.
Magrum Brother in Law Bruce Kern Marines Staff Sergeant
Magrum Father in Law Paul Bradford Air Force  
Mikal Grandfather Tim Morrill Army  
Olson Father Myron Olson Army WWII
Redinger Aunt Jennifer Johnson Army  
Stewart Father Matthew Stewart Army Medevac Blackhawk Pilot
2 tours in Afghanistan

With 101st Airborne.

Swanson, E. Father Roy Chandler Army Air Force WWII, Nose Gunner

B-24 Liberator bomber over Europe

Swanson, E. Nephew Jake Call Army 3 tours of duty

Afghanistan & Iraq

Tina grandfather John Tina Army WWI
Torres Father Eddie Torres Marine  
Van Tuinen Grandfather Art Van Tuinen Navy  
Van Tuinen Grandfather Russell Volkema Navy  
Wunderlich Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather Frederich Miller Army Civil War (north)


Wunderlich Grandfather Raymond C. Wunderlich, Sr. Air Force WWII pilot
Wunderlich Grandfather James J. Kaney  Army Korean
Wunderlich 2nd Cousin Freddie Beckman    Vietnam
Butz Daughter Lisa Butz Army Reserves  
Butz Brother Richard Testa Navy Viet Nam War
Swanson, Kathryn Maternal Grandfather Robert Nickel Navy Lieutenant Commander


Swanson, Kathryn Father in Law Kenneth Swanson II Air Force Viet Nam War
Lauby Great Grandfather Glen Lauby   Chaplain, Korean War
Lauby Great Grandfather Bob Scheitlin Army Sergeant, WWII