• Please note that congestion or runny nose has been added as a potential COVID-19 symptom. If you have a printed copy of the Daily Health Self-Screening Tool, please add it to the morning symptom check list, or download and print a new copy here.


  • Are you familiar with CHA’s COVID Response Plan? The dedicated webpage can be found by clicking on the bright yellow button on CHA Central. There you’ll be able to reference our current protocol, as well as see the Return to School Tracks that will get students and employees back to school as quickly and safely as possible should they need to quarantine or have a medical-related absence.
  • Has your student been vaccinated for COVID-19? If so, and if you wish to have it on file at school, please send a copy of it to Health Services.
  • Please be aware that due to the influx of students forgetting or not bringing masks to school, starting on September 1st, CHA will be charging $1 per extra mask. Your student is encouraged to bring several extra masks to keep in their locker or desk, but they also must wear one into the building. Thank you!

In preparation for the 2021-22 school year, the Health Services department has updated the information you will need to know for your child to have a completed health file and be allowed full participation at school.

Please click the button below to go to the updated Health Services webpage to make sure you are familiar with the requirements for your child. When you arrive at the main page, you will find blue buttons that link to the appropriate grade levels that will require new forms. We encourage you to make any necessary medical appointments this summer.

All health forms are now accessible for printing from the Health Services page!