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CHA Students Earn District and All-State Honors

Early in October, after a week of rigorous auditions that entailed music theory, scales and triads, sight-reading and performing pieces from a challenging repertoire, three of our Upper School students were accepted into Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) District Senior Honors ensembles:

Gabrielle Alava, senior – choir (soprano 2)
Rachel Kim, senior – choir (soprano 1)
Nathanael Wang, sophomore – orchestra (violin)

The winners performed in the District Honors Concert on Saturday, November 9. 

Ms. Chung stated, “Nathanael not only has natural talent, but he has worked hard to earn this honor. I am so proud of his achievement but also his leadership among our orchestra students.”

Furthermore, we learned in December that Gabrielle Alava and Rachel Kim also placed into the All-State Honors Choir. They will be singing with the All-State Honors Choir during the ILMEA All-State Honors Festival which will take place on January 23-26, 2019, in Peoria, Illinois.

CHA Soli Deo Choir Director Mrs. Eileen Swanson reports, “The audition process is very daunting, with a long list of tests, from tonal skill, tonal quality, and sight-reading to musicianship. From a musical point of view, this audition and festival represent the culmination of their years of training in our music program and it’s a special joy to see our students shining in excellence in the honors choir. What pleases me even more is their hearts of worship and their exemplary character, the light that they shine as they sing and glorify God with their music.”

Senior Gabrielle Alava stated, “It brought me so much joy and inspiration to sing with many other excellent musicians. For me it was very special that we sang sacred music, knowing the meaning of the lyrics and worshiping God through these songs. I’m so looking forward to singing in the All-State Honors Choir.”

What a wonderful experience for our musicians. Special thanks to our music directors Mrs. Swanson and Ms. Chung, and Congratulations, Nathanael, Gabrielle, and Rachel!

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