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Jubilate, CHA’s Grade 4-5 Choir, Rings in Christmas in the Musical “Chimes in the Night”

On Friday, December 7, Jubilate, the Grade 4-5 choir, performed a stunning rendition of “Chimes in the Night”, a poignant Christmas musical by Tom S. Long and Allen Pote, adapted from the story Why the Chimes Rang by Raymond Alden. Under the direction of Mrs. Eileen Swanson and accompanied by pianist Mrs. Suzanne Karls, our Grades 4-5 choir members narrated, acted, played instruments and sang beautifully… ringing a clear message that the greatest gift we can give to God is not gold or riches, but our surrendered heart. We are grateful to Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Karls for teaching our students excellent musicianship as well as a heart for the Gospel. Bravo, and Thank you for this brilliant and heartwarming presentation, Jubilate Choir!