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CHA Library News


The CHA school Library contains a wealth of resources for our teachers and students. We hope students will develop a love for books as they experience the joy of reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, and the excitement of discovery as they practice the skills of research. There are many wonderful things to discover at the Library!

Exciting Things are Happening in the Library!

Readers’ Choice Awards
CHA students may participate in the Monarch, Bluestem, and Rebecca Caudill Readers’ Choice Award programs by reading a certain number of nominated books. Later in the year, they will vote on their favorite, and their votes will be counted along with votes from students across the country!

Grades K-3rd participate in the Monarch program. Their teacher reads nominated books aloud to their class.
Grades 4th-5th participate in Bluestem. Students are responsible for reading nominated chapter books on their own.
Grades 6th-8th participate in the Rebecca Caudill Award by reading nominated books on their own.

Encourage your students to take part in the program! They can find copies of most of the books in our library and in the public libraries.

Please Note: Not all of the books on these lists represent the values held by CHA. We were very careful in our selection of materials for the school library, and therefore certain books are not included in our library collection. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact our Librarian, Renee Rundquist.

Birthday Book Club
Parents, don’t forget to consider the Library’s “Birthday Book Club” program! By donating a book in honor of your child’s birthday, you contribute to the library’s collection and teach your child about the importance of giving. The book that you donate will be read aloud to your child’s class (for chapter books, the summary will be read to the class). Check out the “Birthday Book Club” binder located in the library to find books that have already been pre-approved and would make a great addition to the library. If you have any questions, please contact the librarian, Miss Rundquist.

2019-2020 Guidelines for Overdue Books 
Please read and be familiar with CHA’s Guidelines for overdue books.