Applying Families: Please ask your pastor to complete the Pastor Reference Form below by sharing this page link with him/her:

Dear Pastor,

A family in your congregation is seeking admission for their child(ren) to Christian Heritage Academy (CHA), an independent, non-denominational Christian school in Northfield, Illinois. Our mission is to offer an exemplary education based on biblical values to children of Christian families, equipping them to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ.

The applying family has affirmed that they are in agreement with our Statement of Faith. For more information about Christian Heritage Academy, please feel free to look at our Guiding Principles and History pages of our website.

To aid us in the admissions process we would be grateful if you would fill out the form below as it pertains to this family. The admission process cannot continue until the Pastor Reference Form has been submitted to our Admissions office. All responses will be treated with complete confidentiality and will be used only in service to the family as a part of our school community. If you have any questions, please call the Admissions office: 847-446-5252, or email Admissions.

Pastor Reference Form

Please complete and submit this form.