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In some schools, parents are persona non grata. At CHA, parents are part of the three legged stool: Home – Church –

Read this recent letter from a CHA student to his parents and be blessed.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have lived in your house for ___ years. It has been great. I am not pressured to perform sports or music instruments that I do not want to do, but I am only encouraged. I am glad I was gifted with such parents.

I want to thank you for all the opportunities you have given me to shine. From piano to competing at giant state swim meets, I thank you for the opportunities I am given. I appreciate the fact you do not force me to do anything. You always encourage whatever I want to do (as long as it is not something useless like playing video games for a living). I also like the fact I have freedom. I have a phone and am allowed to hang out with friends and be on my own. However, I am not completely free as I still need to obey the rules you have set forth.

I love the fact you push me in my walk with the Lord. We go to church most Sundays, and I am encouraged to participate in church activities. There never was a time, and I hope there never will be a time where you do not allow [me] to participate in church or with church friends. You have molded me into a strong believer in Christ, and I want to continue on with my spiritual journey. I am blessed to have you as parents.

Love, [CHA student]