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Ken Taylor, author of the Living Bible and founder of Tyndale House Publishers, was known for going from office to office early in the morning and praying for his employees. prayer circle 3This past Saturday (April 9), members of our CHA community did the same thing here on our campus. Teachers and staff had submitted prayer requests ahead of time which we used to guide our prayers.

Our small group of parents, teachers, administrators and Board Members divided into groups so we could cover the 150,000 sq. ft. more easily. Some of us went to the B-Building where administration offices are located. Others went room to room in the A-Building where most of our classrooms are.  We did not forget to pray for the activities that go on in the C-Building. There we prayed for the playground activities, gym/athletic activities, the lunchroom, the music rooms and the God-honoring activities that bring us together in our large auditorium.

It is amazing to see how the Holy Spirit leads his people to pray specific prayers during these prayer walks, and as they pray specifically, the Holy Spirit who lives in the rest of us says, “That is exactly what needed to be prayed.”

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