Applying Families: As of Spring 2021, our Referral Credit Program has been changed to have the referring (current) families complete the request form. As long as you’ve let the Admissions Office know who referred you, there is nothing else for you to do (except make sure the referring families know you’re coming and reminding them to complete the form, if desired)!

Referral Program Guidelines

  1. The Referral Program is a non-cash program that awards tuition credit to families who refer new families to CHA.
  2. The form must be completed by the family of a current or newly applied student no later than 10/31.
  3. The referred family must be previously unknown to the admissions office (i.e., the contact must be new to the CHA database).
  4. The referral credit will be disbursed progressively over the course of the year, beginning no earlier than November 1st, not in a lump sum, and is contingent upon enrollment of the referred family through 10/31.
  5. The referring family may choose to direct the tuition credit in any combination of three ways:
    • Toward their own tuition account
    • Toward the referred family’s tuition account
    • Toward another family’s tuition account
  6. Referral credit amounts:
    • $2,000 per student for full-time students in Kindergarten-Grade 12
    • $1,000 per student for part-time Kindergarten students
    • $500 for Preschool students
  7. The Referral Program applies to Preschool through Upper School student referrals.
  8. In the case of multiple families referring a new family simultaneously, the referral credit will be divided equally among referring families.
  9. Referral credit will be granted for each student referred and enrolled from one, or multiple families.
  10. Maximum credit will be full tuition for the referring family.
  11. Faculty and staff are eligible to receive referral credits as outlined in the CHA Employee Handbook.
  12. Previous students of CHA or their siblings are not eligible for referral.
  13. There is no self-referral.
  14. CHA’s President (or his or her designee) will make final decisions regarding eligibility for credit.
  15. The Referral Program will be administered by the Vice President of Finance and Operations.

Guidelines were updated March 2021 and are subject to change by CHA at its sole discretion.

Referral Credit Request Form

  • This referral credit form must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines above.
  • If approved in conjunction with all the program guidelines, the credit will be given and disbursed according to the parameters in #4 of the guidelines above. Completing this form does not guarantee the credit.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.