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Thank you, parents, for your partnership! Please become familiar with the following school policies and guidelines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the CHA Office. If you are looking for a form, go here.

Before/After School Care
PreK-12 Extended Care Information & Registration Form

Classroom Info
Classroom Fund Guidelines (coming soon)
Field Trip Guidelines
Reporting a Student Absence

Comings & Goings
Drop-Off, Arrival & Dismissal Times
Parking & Traffic Flow Map
Drop-Off & Pick Up Procedures
Dismissal Clarification Form (Grades K-5)

Dress Code
CHA Dress Code

Parent-Student Handbook
Preschool Handbook

Nut-Aware Guidelines
All students and families are asked to read and follow these guidelines throughout the school year. Please note that no homemade food items may be brought for classroom/school events.
Nut-Aware Guidelines
Food List for a Nut-Aware Environment

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