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Thank you, parents, for your partnership! Please become familiar with the following school policies and guidelines, current for the 2019-2020 school year.

Before/After School Care
2019-2020 PreK-12 Extended Care Information & Registration Form

Classroom Info
Classroom Fund Guidelines (coming soon)
Field Trip Guidelines for Chaperones
Field Trip Guidelines for Parent Drivers
Reporting a Student Absence

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
Drop-Off, Arrival & Dismissal Times
Dismissal Clarification Form for K-5
Arrival Traffic Flow Map
Dismissal Traffic Flow Map
Parking Map

Dress Code
CHA Dress Code

Parent-Student Handbook
Preschool & Kindergarten Handbook
Athletic Handbooks (Middle & Upper School, and Coaching)
Choir & Instrumental Group Handbooks

Nut-Aware Guidelines
All students and families are asked to follow these guidelines throughout the school year. Please note that no homemade food items may be brought for classroom/school events.
Nut-Aware Guidelines
Food List for a Nut-Aware Environment

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