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Friday, April 16, 10:15 AM
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Cap and Gown Portraits

Friday, April 23, 2021

Cap & Gown FAQ

When will I have my cap & gown portrait taken?

Students will be dismissed from class Friday morning to go to the cap and gown photo location on campus.

How will I change into a cap and gown for my portrait? What should I wear under the gown? How should I wear my hair?

A parent volunteer will assist students as they don a cap and gown that we have in stock. There will be a mirror there for them to check themselves. Please consider the following:

The gowns have a “V” shaped neckline. There is not a white collar that is added. Most girls choose to wear something under the gown that doesn’t show and most boys bring a white shirt and tie to wear. This is a matter of preference.

When thinking about how you want to wear your hair for your portrait, please remember that you will be wearing a mortar-style graduation cap positioned over the top of your head. If you have longer hair, it is advised to wear it down (in other words, avoid “up” styles such as a bun or ponytail).

What poses will be taken?
Portraits will be take only from the waist up.
When will I get my own cap and gown for Commencement?

Before the day of Commencement, each student in grades 8 and 12 will receive their own cap and gown. After Commencement, graduates may keep their cap and gown. 2021 caps and gowns are currently being stored at CHA. If for some reason your family has a need for them earlier, please let Francine Quintero know.

Honors & Awards Chapel

Friday, April 30, 10:15 AM
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Upper School Spring Social

Saturday, May 1, 6:00-10:00 PM
Pinstripes, Northbrook
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Senior Outing

Monday, May 24 (time TBD)

Senior Celebration Dinner

Tuesday, May 25 (time TBD)

Commencement Practice

Thursday, May 27 (time TBD)


Friday, May 28, 6:30 PM
North Lawn Tent
Up to 8 guests per graduate

All events and times are subject to change in the case of unexpected events or mandates. As additional information is available, this page will be updated and all senior families will be notified.