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2019 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences


Make Your Conference Appointment Online!
2019 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences for students in Preschool-Grade 12 will be held April 23 & 24!  CHA uses the online system, pickAtime, (not Veracross) to schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences. Spring conferences are optional, but recommended.

2018-19 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences (Preschool-Grade 12)

Tuesday, April 23 (No School Day), 12:00-8:00 PM
Wednesday, April 24 (No School Day), 7:45 AM-3:45 PM

Online Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Ups open on rolling dates as follows:

  • Families with 4 or more children may sign up beginning Thursday, April 4.
  • Families with 3 or more children may sign up beginning Monday, April 8.
  • All other families may sign up beginning Thursday, April 11.

Online Conference Sign-Ups Close:
Wednesday, April 17, 3:00 PM

Conference Information Parents Need to Know!

Any changes or sign-ups after April 17, 3:00 PM – Must be arranged with the specific teacher via email.

Please arrange for your child’s supervision – Students may not be left in the building unsupervised.

Please start and end your conference(s) promptly – Conferences are scheduled back-to-back. Starting and ending on time will help teachers and other parents stay on schedule. If you need more time than allotted for your conference, or if a teacher is not listed in the pickAtime sign up, please feel free to contact the teacher directly to schedule another appointment at a later date.

Preschool-Grade 5 – Conferences are 20 minutes in length.

Grade 6 – Conferences are 10 minutes in length; Mrs. Jessica Loza conferences are 20 minutes in length.

Grades 6-12, PE, Music & Art – Conferences are 10 minutes in length. Teachers will be listed per subject on your child’s sign-up page.

Resource Center  and/or Social Worker Conferences – Please contact directly to schedule your conference:

Mrs. Diane Hellard – Room 205
Mrs. Betty Lee
– Room 227
Mrs. May Gruia – Room 124 (in the Library)

School Psychologist – Please schedule a conference via pickAtime. Conferences are 20 minutes in length.

Dr. Ivy Li – Room 125 (in the Library)

Create a pickAtime Account…  

Please go to the pickAtime Log-In Page.  Once your account is set-up, the pickAtime system will recall your account, your child’s teachers, their conference schedules, and any appointments you have already made.

  1. Create an account using your email address and a password of your choice. Click “Login/Create Account.”
  2. Fill in the required fields and click “OK” to register.
  3. The screen will now ask you for Student ID and Password.

Student ID = PreferredfirstnameLastname (letters only, with no space, and no punctuation). Example:  LizSmith (Use the preferred first name and last name listed in the Veracross Family Directory)                       

Student Password = Birthdate of student (MM/DD/YY) Use must use slash marks when entering date.  Example:  June 12, 2008 would be 06/12/08

  1. Click “Add” to continue. You have now created your account.

Now Schedule Your Conferences…

  1. After signing in, select the conference date on which you wish to schedule appointment(s). The schedule(s) of your child’s teacher(s) will appear. Each colored column represents a teacher’s available schedule. The legend shows you what color corresponds to each teacher.
  2. If you have more than one child, enter his/her student ID and given password at this time to the slots on the right and click “Add” to enter the data in your account.
  3. Each colored square represents an available meeting time. Click on a square to book a time of your choice.
  4. You will be prompted to set the amount of time ahead of your conference appointment that you would like to receive a reminder email.
  5. Click “Create Appointment” to schedule the appointment. The colored square will now be blackened to indicate that the appointment has been set. (Clicking “Return” will return you to the previous screen without setting the appointment.) Note: Only one appointment per teacher is allowed.
  6. Repeat until you have a time reserved with each teacher you would like to visit.
  7. At any time you can click on “Printable Schedule” at the top of the page to print a detailed listing of all appointments you have scheduled.
  8. To view your complete schedule, click “Your Schedule” to the left of your name at the top of the screen. Next to each appointment, there will be links to cancel the appointment, change email reminder times, or modify your appointment times.
  9. Changes to your schedule can be made anytime up until April 17, 3:00 PM. Please note deadline!

NOTE:  All changes and appointments after April 17, 3:00 PM must be made directly with the teacher BY THE PARENT.

If you have questions, please contact Rose Martinez or call the CHA Office at 847-446-5252.

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