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New For 2018-2019 School Year – Block Scheduling

I am very pleased to share with you that effective next academic year, our Upper School (Grades 9-12) will be moving to a “block” scheduling format. This decision is a result of multiple recommendations, including those from the Homework Task Force and the Block Scheduling Task Force, and as a part of an ongoing review of all aspects of our upper school.

Simply stated, block scheduling means that next year, all upper school classes will meet either  Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or Tuesday/Thursday. This is a change from the current format where most classes meet five days a week. However, what is not changing is the number of hours/minutes each class meets. The amount of total instruction time for most classes will be virtually the same.

Moving to block scheduling has several positive implications for our students and our school including the following:

  • It reduces the pressure of having homework assignments due from multiple classes (or even every class) every day. There will now be more time to work on assignments since classes do not meet daily. This is not to say that the homework expectation will necessarily be less, however it will be more spaced out than it currently is.
  • Teachers of the block scheduling format have reported that the longer blocks of focused instructional time have contributed to a higher level of student engagement and productivity. Additionally, it allows them to explore different strategies and creative ways to teach using the various learning modalities.
  • Block scheduling is utilized at many high schools in our area. This pattern of classes is also utilized by most colleges and universities. Block scheduling will better serve our students both now and in the transition to college academic life.
  • We are now able to forge a deeper and significant partnership with Trinity International University, a well-respected Christian college in our backyard. Trinity has had block scheduling for many years very similar to what we are adopting. Because of a newly formed and expanded academic partnership with Trinity, our upper class students (Grades 11-12) will be able to take advantage of multiple course offerings on the Trinity campus receiving dual credit (both high school and college) at a greatly reduced rate. This is a tremendous opportunity for our students, now available because of our corresponding block schedules. While this is a great option for our students, it is not a requirement. All courses needed to graduate from CHA will continue to be offered on our campus.
  • Block scheduling will also facilitate the opportunity of our upper school students to be able to take advantage of internships and other hands-on learning experiences, particularly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

I’m grateful for your partnership with CHA. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Miss Joan Okamoto, Mr. Stuart Davis, Mr. Ken Chung or myself.