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Under the leadership of Mrs. Wendy Skotnikov, CHA Science Teacher, twelve CHA Upper School students (listed below) participated in the WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) competition in early February. Receiving a second place trophy, our team qualified for sectionals – a first for CHA!

Six of the 12 medaled in their discipline. Becky Davis and Olivia Chung tied for second place in Biology. Sam Kwon took second place in Math and in Engineering graphics, Joash Pfeiffelman and Michael Lim tied for third, with Jonathan Read taking 2nd place. All students did their best giving God all the glory.

Since then, the team has been preparing for sectionals that will take place on March 17th, at Vernon Hills High school. Students will be taking tests in Engineering Graphics, Math, Biology, Chemistry and English.

Daniel Burkey
Olivia Chung
Daniel Claud
Rebekah Davis
Rachel Kim
Sam Kim
Sam Kwon
Michael Lim
Patrick McEvilly
Victoria Olsen
Joash Pfeiffelman
Jonathan Read
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