Over 20 K-12 students standing side by side with arms raised on a long brick wall sign that reads Christian Heritage Academy

As a Christ centered, academically excellent, life transforming school, Christian Heritage Academy has a firm commitment to supporting Christian families. Our distinctives are evident through our Mission Statement, Philosophy of Education, and Core Values.

Mission Statement

Christian Heritage Academy, an independent, parent-governed school, offers an exemplary education based on biblical values to children of Christian families, equipping them to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ.

Established in 1984, Christian Heritage Academy (CHA) was established on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Our Mission Statement, which commends us to provide not only an “exemplary education” but to also equip children “to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ,” is the impetus for all we do at CHA. We begin with the Bible as the basis for learning and our Philosophy of Education and Core Values guide us as our 100% Christian faculty teach from a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum, using the best available textbooks and resources.

“Living Curriculum” Teachers

At every level, we challenge our students to consider the question, “What does God’s Word mean in my life?” Articulate, mature Christian teachers seek to teach our students to think critically and biblically. We desire to ignite a passion for His Word, and to equip students to impact their school, communities, and the world for the glory of God.

To that end, CHA education includes an innovative and comprehensive curriculum, so that with our “Living Curriculum” teachers, we’ve created an academically excellent, spiritually formative program. Students of all grade levels enjoy the freedom to explore and learn in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

Three-Way Partnership

Christian Heritage Academy seeks to come alongside Christian parents and the church to build into the lives of the next generation of believers. By providing an educational experience consistent with the biblical values that are taught in both the home and at church, a three-way partnership among home, church and school is created. CHA is continuing to develop relationships with pastors and youth leaders at local churches to offer resources and support.

Biblically-Based Education

The Bible gives clear guidance for parents on how their children should be taught. They are to be consistently raised in the training and instruction of the Lord (Eph:6-4), growing in wisdom and knowledge in Christ. One of our founding parents, Dr. Wayne Grudem, PhD, wrote an excellent article highlighting scripture that parents should consider when making educational decisions for their children. We encourage you to read Biblical Reasons…  by Dr. Grudem.