Admissions FAQ


CHA Admissions FAQ

Feel free to contact us via phone (847-446-5252) or email the Admissions Office for more information.

Why should I enroll my child at CHA?
CHA students will receive “an exemplary education based on biblical values.” (See Biblical Reasons for Sending Children to a Christian School, by Dr. Wayne Grudem.) CHA students have opportunities to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and apply what they have learned in the classrooms. They will understand that it’s not just what they know in life that’s important; it’s what they do with what they know. That’s wisdom.

Your mission statement says that CHA is a school “for the children of Christian families.”  What do you mean by a Christian family?
Christian Heritage Academy is a non-denominational, independent school, with families from more than 120 churches and 35 communities. In order to maintain our unity in Christ, our admissions policy requires that at least one parent of every family would be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and acknowledge himself/herself to be a believer in Jesus Christ. Because we see ourselves as partners with each family and their church (home/school/church), our Admissions policy also requires that each family regularly attends or is a member of a local church whose doctrine is in agreement with our Statement of Faith. Christian Heritage Academy seeks to support parents and their churches as together we equip children to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ. We are seeking to enroll Christian students or those whom are seeking the Savior. For more clarity, please feel free to contact our Admissions Office. We’d be glad to answer your questions.

Is CHA accredited?
Yes.  Grades K-12 are fully accredited by both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancEd. CHA is also recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education and is a full member of Illinois High School Association (IHSA).

What sports do you offer?
In middle school, we offer a variety of team sports including basketball, volleyball, and track & field. CHA participates in the North Shore Independent School League and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) regional tournaments. Through our membership in the Illinois High School Association (IHSA), our upper school students participate as a IHSA cooperative team with Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights.

How does CHA’s tuition compare to area private school tuition per student?
Of private schools that are not supported by a church or parish, CHA is the most affordable private school in the area.

Does CHA award financial aid?
Yes, CHA has several financial assistance programs along with need-based financial aid.  For the 2016-2017 school year, CHA awarded more than $440,000 in financial aid.  30% of Christian Heritage Academy full-time K-12 students receive financial aid. Depending on assessed level of need, maximum awards range up to 30% for full-time kindergarten and up to 40% for grades 1-12. Click here for a New Family Financial Aid Packet.

What is a “Living Curriculum Teacher?”
A Living Curriculum Teacher (LCT) loves students, is highly qualified and passionate about his/her grade or discipline.  An LCT has the spiritual and professional credentials to be a Christian Heritage Academy teacher.  They are not only excellent educators, they also serve as mentors and role models for their students.

How is CHA’s curriculum different from that of other local schools?
Our hallmark at Christian Heritage Academy is the biblical integration that teachers bring into each subject area, helping students develop a biblical worldview as well as strong skills in critical thinking, research, effective writing, speaking and rhetoric.

Does Christian Heritage Academy offer Advanced Placement courses?
Yes. AP courses are available in the Upper School.

Is there a dress code?
Yes – clean, modest and not distracting. For more specifics, please ask for a copy of the Student Handbook.

Still have questions? 
Please don’t hesitate to email our Admissions Office  with your questions, or phone us at 847-446-5252.  We’d love to talk with you!

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