For your convenience, we’ve assembled some of the questions parents most often ask below. Of course, we are always glad to talk with you to answer all of your questions about CHA. Please email our Admissions Office or call us at 847-446-5252.

Why should I enroll my child at CHA?

Your children spend the best eight of their waking hours in school, where their minds and worldview are influenced by teachers, peers, books, and curriculum. By the time they graduate, they will have spent over 18,000 hours in school. These hours shape your children’s thoughts, habits, character and future. As parents, we must ask ourselves: Who will influence my children during these hours? Where will they spend the bulk of their day during these formative years, and will it be worth it?

At CHA, we approaching teaching as a ministry and as a stewardship, valuing the school day as an opportunity to invest in your child. Our students receive “an exemplary education based on biblical values,” and have opportunities to discover and develop their spiritual gifts, applying what they have learned in the classrooms. They grow in wisdom and knowledge, setting a foundation for life transformation.

Your Mission statement says that CHA is a school "for the children of Christian families." What do you mean by a Christian family?

Christian Heritage Academy is a non-denominational, independent school, with families from more than 145 congregations and 55 communities. In order to maintain our unity in Christ, our admissions policy requires that at least one parent of every family would be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and acknowledge himself/herself to be a believer in Jesus Christ. Our Admissions policy also requires that each family regularly attends or is a member of a local church whose doctrine is in agreement with our Statement of Faith. We believe this three-way partnership (parents-school-church) is the best way to equip children with the best foundation for becoming lifetime followers of Jesus Christ. For more clarity, please feel free to contact our Admissions Office. We’d be glad to answer your questions.

Is CHA accredited?

Yes. CHA strives to maintain excellence in all areas of its programs and operations. We hold ourselves accountable to the rigorous standards set by accrediting organizations and membership agencies, and submit to their regular examination processes. These include:

What sports do you offer?

Upper School students compete in IHSA’s Northern Athletic Conference (NAC) with various teams throughout Northeastern Illinois. In a co-op arrangement with Christian Liberty Academy (CLA), Upper School sports include: Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country, Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ & Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ & Girls’ Track & Field, and Boys’ Baseball.

Middle School students participate in the North Shore Independent Conference against teams from the New Trier School District. Sports offered for Middle School students include: Co-ed Soccer, Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ Volleyball, and Co-ed Track.

Do you offer a homeschool partnership program?

Yes, Christian Heritage Academy offers a homeschool partnership program for Grades 6-12. Learn more about our Homeschool Partnership Program.

How does CHA's tuition compare to area private school tuition?

Of private schools that are not supported by a church or parish, CHA is the most affordable private school in the area.

Does CHA award financial aid?

Yes, CHA has several financial assistance programs along with need-based financial aid.  For the 2018-2019 school year, CHA awarded$517,635 in financial aid.  28% of Christian Heritage Academy full-time K-12 students received financial aid. Depending on assessed level of need, maximum awards range up to 30% for full-time kindergarten and up to 40% for grades 1-12. Visit our Tuition & Financial Aid page

What is a "Living Curriculum" teacher?

Living Curriculum” teachers are highly qualified, spiritually mature Christian educators who model Christ-likeness both in the classroom and throughout daily school life. The result has been not only outstanding academic performance and college preparation but students who love God and are equipped to serve others and make a kingdom impact with their lives.

How is CHA's curriculum different from that of other local schools?

Our hallmark at Christian Heritage Academy is the biblical integration that teachers bring into each subject area, helping students develop a biblical worldview as well as strong skills in critical thinking, research, effective writing, speaking and rhetoric.

Does CHA offer extended care programs?

Yes, we offer both Before Care and After Care programs. Please contact our Admissions Office for details.

Does CHA offer advanced placement or dual credit courses?

Yes. We offer many honors, Advanced Placement, and dual credit courses (for select colleges) in the Upper School. Ask our Admissions Office for the most recent Upper School profile to see what these classes have included.

Is there a dress code at CHA?

Yes – clean, modest and not distracting. Specifics are found in our Parent-Student Handbook.

Upcoming Virtual Open House Dates

November 11, 2021
7 PM
Middle & Upper School (Grades 6-12)

November 15, 2021
7 PM
Early Ed & Lower School (PK-Grade 5)