Share in the Mission of CHA

With over 100 churches and 40+ communities served through our school body, the expressed desire of Christian Heritage Academy is to make exemplary Christ-centered education available to as many families as possible. Thus, annual tuition provides approximately 65% of the funds needed to cover CHA’s annual expenses. CHA’s Annual Fund exists in order to “fill the gap” between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating students each school year.

It is with this mission in mind that we seek to raise the funds needed to continue the good work God began at CHA over three decades ago. CHA engages its families and the community at large in various efforts to raise funds in support of our Mission. Some of these include:

Coinucopia – Held in the fall, this is an all-CHA fundraiser. CHA classes take part in a friendly fundraising competition. With a set goal for the year, students get creative as they bring in coins to help support their school, including digging into their pockets for spare change, bringing in jars of saved up coins, and contributing money from the sale of small items that are no longer needed. Adults may also spur students on by sponsoring  a classroom or a grade with matching gifts, or with set gift amounts, that are credited to the fundraising goals of each grade. To date, students have met or exceeded their goal each year, with additional gifts from parents, grandparents and friends.

Spring Benefit – The CHA Spring Benefit is an annual event that supports the Annual Fund.

Annual Fund Giving – The Annual Fund exists to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a CHA education. The education of every student at CHA is subsidized by the Annual Fund, amounting to approximately $2,000-$3,000 per student, allowing tuition rates to be significantly lower than the actual cost of a CHA education. Families, alumni, corporate matching donors and others are encouraged to prayerfully consider how they might support the Annual Fund, whether through a regular monthly amount, an annual gift, or other giving.  CHA welcomes financial gifts of any size throughout the year, by check, or online via our Donation Page.

Stones of Remembrance – Celebrate a special milestone or achievement, or honor the memory of a loved one through a Stones of Remembrance gift to CHA. The person being honored or the family of a loved one will be sent a card to let them know that a gift with lasting significance has been donated in their honor to CHA.

GO! Week Fundraising – Throughout the summer and fall before their domestic or international service learning trips, Upper School students have the opportunity to raise funds to help defray trip costs. Besides writing support letters in the summer, early fall fundraising includes several Friday Pizza Days as well as selling items at some of our bigger school functions.

Box Tops for Education – By saving and collecting Box Top Coupons from certain products, CHA earns cash that benefits the school each year. The program has transitioned to digital collection so please visit the Box Tops website to learn more and download the app.