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Business Office
  • Mrs. Tessie Chung
    Mrs. Tessie Chung Director of Admissions
  • Mrs. Sandi Decker
    Mrs. Sandi Decker Coordinator of Financial Services
  • Mrs. Nikki Dinkelman
    Mrs. Nikki Dinkelman Executive Assistant for Academics / Purchasing Coordinator
  • Mrs. Janis Kahren
    Mrs. Janis Kahren Executive Assistant to the President's Office
  • Mr. Do Kim
    Mr. Do Kim Director of Technology
  • Mrs. Rachel Mohn
    Mrs. Rachel Mohn Manager of Marketing and Communications
  • Mrs. Therese O’Shea
    Mrs. Therese O’Shea Coordinator of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Mrs. Adina Pascotescu
    Mrs. Adina Pascotescu Registrar
  • Mrs. Francine Quintero
    Mrs. Francine Quintero Coordinator of Community Life & Outreach
  • Mrs. Diane Town
    Mrs. Diane Town Receptionist
Early Education
  • Mrs. Terri Acres
    Mrs. Terri Acres Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Gina Castle
    Ms. Gina Castle Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. Judy Loosa
    Mrs. Judy Loosa Music Teacher (K-1), Teacher Assistant (Kindergarten)
  • Mrs. Ennie Oh
    Mrs. Ennie Oh Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. Tanya Platt
    Mrs. Tanya Platt Preschool Enrichment Teacher, Health Services Assistant
  • Ms. Jennifer Van Winkle
    Ms. Jennifer Van Winkle Preschool Teacher
Lower School
  • Mrs. Kayla Fredrickson
    Mrs. Kayla Fredrickson Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Tammy Lee
    Mrs. Tammy Lee First Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Paula Lott
    Mrs. Paula Lott First Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Jessica Loza
    Mrs. Jessica Loza Third Grade Teacher
  • Mr. Perry Schroeder
    Mr. Perry Schroeder Second Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Cindy Weber
    Mrs. Cindy Weber Fifth Grade Teacher
Middle & Upper School
  • Mrs. Jessica Bishop
    Mrs. Jessica Bishop MS/US Teacher (Math)
  • Mr. Jordan Bishop
    Mr. Jordan Bishop MS/US Teacher (History, Bible, Speech)
  • Mr. Young Chang
    Mr. Young Chang MS/US Teacher (Math)
  • Mr. Mike Chavez
    Mr. Mike Chavez MS/US Teacher (English, Bible)
  • Mrs. Julie Davis
    Mrs. Julie Davis Middle School Coordinator, MS Teacher (Science)
  • Mr. Stuart Davis
    Mr. Stuart Davis Vice Principal, Guidance Counselor, MS/US Teacher (Bible)
  • Mr. Stephen Farish
    Mr. Stephen Farish US Teacher (Bible, History, Psychology, Communications)
  • Mrs. Rebecca Hacker
    Mrs. Rebecca Hacker US Teacher (Science)
  • Mrs. Carolyn Kohl
    Mrs. Carolyn Kohl MS/US Teacher (Spanish, Consumer Education)
  • Ms. Sharon James-Ledbetter
    Ms. Sharon James-Ledbetter MS/US Teacher (English, Bible)
  • Mrs. Betty Lee
    Mrs. Betty Lee MS Teacher (English, Learning Resource Teacher 2-5)
  • Miss Kat Metzger
    Miss Kat Metzger MS/US Teacher (Theatre, Bible),
  • Mrs. Ramona Mihulet
    Mrs. Ramona Mihulet MS/US Teacher (Math, Physics
  • Mrs. Rani Nolan
    Mrs. Rani Nolan Long-Term Substitute Teacher (Algebra 1)
  • Mrs. Erin Sugihara
    Mrs. Erin Sugihara MS/US Teacher (Math)
  • Mrs. Luz Valenzuela
    Mrs. Luz Valenzuela US Teacher (Spanish)
  • Ms. Sharon Van Dyke
    Ms. Sharon Van Dyke MS/US Teacher (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Adelaide Yoo
    Mrs. Adelaide Yoo US Teacher
  • Mrs. Diane Brady
    Mrs. Diane Brady Physical Education Teacher (K-4)
  • Mrs. Sharon Chang
    Mrs. Sharon Chang Music Specialist
  • Mr. Jeff Cook
    Mr. Jeff Cook Director of Athletics, US Teacher (PE, Health)
  • Mrs. Leslie Cornwell
    Mrs. Leslie Cornwell MS/US Teacher (Learning Resource (6-12), ESL) Teacher
  • Mrs. Robin Geitner
    Mrs. Robin Geitner MS/US Teacher (Art)
  • Mrs. Jessica Kurpiel
    Mrs. Jessica Kurpiel Social Worker
  • Mrs. Katie Lehmann
    Mrs. Katie Lehmann Physical Education Teacher (5-8)
  • Dr. Ivy Li
    Dr. Ivy Li Upper School Counselor
  • Mrs. Barb Mack
    Mrs. Barb Mack School Librarian
  • Mrs. Pam Magary
    Mrs. Pam Magary Art Teacher (K-8)
  • Mrs. Eileen Swanson
    Mrs. Eileen Swanson Instrumental Music (4-8), Girls Bible Teacher (8), Choral Music (4-12)
  • Mr. Caleb Tolleson
    Mr. Caleb Tolleson General Music (2-5), US Jazz Band
Support Staff
  • Mrs. Robin Farish
    Mrs. Robin Farish Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs. April Geisheimer
    Mrs. April Geisheimer Teacher Assistant (Preschool)
  • Mrs. Aera Kang
    Mrs. Aera Kang Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs. Cornelia Leonovich
    Mrs. Cornelia Leonovich Coordinator of After Care and Lunchtime
  • Mrs. Merle Lew
    Mrs. Merle Lew Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs. Mihaela Pausan
    Mrs. Mihaela Pausan Teacher Assistant (Preschool), Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs. Claudine Wee
    Mrs. Claudine Wee Teacher Assistant (Kindergarten)
  • Mr. Fitsum Andegergish
    Mr. Fitsum Andegergish Maintenance & Custodial Staff
  • Mr. Justin Ellingson
    Mr. Justin Ellingson Maintenance and Custodial Staff
  • Mr. Bogdan Jancewicz
    Mr. Bogdan Jancewicz Director of Building and Grounds
  • Mr. Marek Przychocki
    Mr. Marek Przychocki Maintenance and Custodial Staff
  • Mrs. Sheri Scalero
    Mrs. Sheri Scalero Coordinator of Facility Rentals and Summer Camps
  • Mr. Dave Srb
    Mr. Dave Srb Auditorium Manager