“When I run I feel His pleasure.” –Eric Liddell, Chariots of Fire

Physical Education
God created people in His image to be temples of the Holy Spirit, therefore, students must learn to honor God with their bodies. Physical education classes are designed to promote life-long health and fitness, develop basic physical skills, and teach children to practice godly sportsmanship. Students in grades 1-12 participate in Physical Education:

K- 5th Grade
Our younger students focus on gross motor skills, spatial awareness, physical discipline and participation through age-appropriate activities and games. Kindergartners attend 50-minute physical education class two times per week; grades 1-5 attend 45-minute physical education classes, 3 times per week.

6th-8th Grades
By 6th grade, boys and girls begin to have physical education class separately and are taught with a greater focus on the fine tuning of skills. They gain increasing understanding of the benefits of striving to maintain physical fitness and good health as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the rules of athletic games and competition. An emphasis is placed on goal-setting, godly sportsmanship, respect, self-discipline and self-control. Students in 6th-8th grade attend 45-minute physical education classes 4 times per week.

Grades 9-12
High school students have the option to take regular Physical Education class, including physical fitness, skill training and play execution for various, or a Fit for Life track that teaches individual wellness skills that can be applied throughout a lifetime. With the latter option, students learn the components of health-related fitness, experience physical training, and monitor their yearly progress using technology such as heart rate monitors and spreadsheets.

Interscholastic Athletics (6-12)
Team and individual sports opportunities are coached by CHA’s Christian teachers or parents with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and stewardship. Students have the opportunity to develop physical discipline and skill during regular practices and interscholastic competitions. View CHA Athletics updates, scores and stats here.

6th, 7th and 8th Grades
Opportunities for middle school students include:

Co-ed Soccer
Girls’ Volleyball
Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Volleyball
Co-ed Track

Upper School
CHA Upper School Students train and compete with the Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) Chargers in a combined IHSA approved team. Our students are currently participating in Cross-Country, Soccer, and Basketball at the CLA campus in Arlington Heights. Upper School Boys’ Volleyball is available during the spring on our campus.

Summer Sports Camp Opportunities for CLA/CHA Upper School Students
Upper School students wishing to participate in 2018-2019 Athletics should plan to attend the summer camp(s) below according to interest. All camps are held at Christian Liberty Academy. Please contact the coach listed on the linked schedules below if you have a specific question.

High School Volleyball
High School Girls’ Basketball
High Boys’ Basketball
High School Boys’ Summer Soccer League

Official IHSA Starting Dates
August 8, 2018
Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country
Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Volleyball

October 29, 2018
Girls’ Basketball

November 5, 2018
Boys’ Basketball

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