Be Prepared this Winter

In the event of hazardous weather conditions or other emergency circumstance, CHA may need to temporarily close for safety reasons. There are several ways that we have provided to inform our families in the most timely way possible. Please take a moment now to read the guidelines below so that you and your family can quickly find school closing information.

Proactively seek out potential emergency closing information…
When conditions are questionable, your first line of information on school closing should be the Emergency Closing Center website or radio/television announcements. If a decison is made to close school we will always publish this information on these outlets. (see below for access information.)

When In Doubt…
If you think conditions indicate a possible school closing and you have not been able to learn whether school is closed through one of the listed on this page, please call another school family before leaving your house. It is our desire that no CHA family will make an unnecessary trip to school in hazardous or treacherous conditions.

Safety First!
Hazardous weather conditions in Chicagoland can vary from area to area. If a parent determines that the roads are unsafe to travel to school, parents may elect to keep their student home. Absences and tardies due to hazardous weather will be excused. Please call the CHA Receptionist at 847-446-5252 by 9:00 AM to report the delayed arrival time or absence.

Where to Find Emergency Closing Information

There are several ways that you may receive information in the event that CHA implements an emergency school closing:

Local Media 
As soon as a decision is made to close school, CHA will report this to the Emergency Closing Center, a public service that publishes all reported Chicago area school and other institutional closings. Drawing from Emergency Closing Center data, local TV and radio stations (WBBM, WGN and WLS, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CLTV, etc.) announce or scroll Chicago area school closings. CHA will be included in these lists if a decision is made to close.

Visit: to see if CHA is listed as closed.
Look for: Christian Heritage Academy
City: Northfield. 

Text Message

As soon as a decision is made to close school, a text message will be sent to CHA households via the number we have in Veracross Parent Portals.

As soon as a decision is made to close school, an email will be sent to your Veracross Parent Portal and personal email account (Email1 field in Veracross for each parent).

CHA Website
As soon as a decision is made to close school, notification will be posted on our CHA website homepage,

After School Activities on the Day of an Emergency School Closing

All after school activities, programs, sports and games (except for tournaments) will be cancelled on the day(s) of an emergency school closing.

Emergency Closing During a School Day

In the rare event that school must close during the school day, the office will contact families via text message. Supervision will be in place until all students have been picked up.

Cold Weather Reminder: Dress Warmly for Recess and other Outdoor Activities

Parents, remember to send your child to school with a warm coat, hat, and gloves (snow pants and boots on snowy days). Students will go outside for recess whenever the temperature and wind chill factor are within our guidelines.  If in doubt about the weather, have your child come prepared to go outside.

Preschool does not play outside if the wind chill is below 10°F.
Kindergarten-Grade 8 will not go outside if the wind chill is below 0°F.

When the temperatures and wind are just at or above these guidelines, we may make a decision to have children out for a shorter time, rather than the full recess time so as to still give them fresh air and time to play.

Teachers will use (CHA-Northfield: zip code 60093) to determine wind chill.