Meet Greg and Celia.

Christ-followers. Proponents of Christian education. Parents of 8.

It only takes a few minutes into a conversation with the couple to realize the focus isn’t going to be on the significant financial investment they are making at Christian Heritage Academy. It’s about a family stepping out in faith, bearing witness to God’s subsequent provision, and sharing enthusiastic testimony of the rich and abundant blessings of the experience.

Celia remembers when their first child was almost school-aged. She felt the weightiness of having been entrusted children to raise, knowing they have very impressionable minds and hearts. Celia says she just couldn’t imagine sending her child off to spend the day with someone who didn’t love Jesus.

It was then that a friend told her about CHA. On a visit, she observed one of our preschool teachers posture the children physically and spiritually in a circle for prayer, and then invite God to be a part of the day ahead. Celia was moved to tears.

And so began their family’s journey at Christian Heritage Academy.

While their kids are thriving academically and socially, that’s not the best part. Greg and Celia emphasize the care and shepherding in an environment of grace at CHA serve that serve to enforce the truths the children learn at home. They speak to the way that teachers at CHA “guide the hearts” of the students through prayer, discipleship, and example, not by force or chance.

This couple has heard the argument that children should be “salt and light” in the world and that Christian school isn’t the place where this can happen. However, Greg points to Psalm 127, which speaks to children being arrows. He believes that the education and discipleship that occurs at CHA is not about sheltering. Rather, it is an integral part of the preparation and “arrow-crafting” process that will help their children have a maximum impact on the world.

So while Greg and Celia choose to live in a small house, budget meticulously, and forego a vacation now and then, it’s the eternal significance of this faith journey that they talk about. And they radiate joy while doing so.

And, as Greg likes to say, “If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill!”