Parents sending their child off to school are in effect asking a group of teachers to help “train up” their son or daughter. The choice of teachers is without a doubt one of the most important parental decisions. We know that often life‐long values and priorities are cemented during these crucial years. We also know that, beginning around 7th grade, the dominant parental influence on children is declining while the influence of peers and other significant adults—often teachers, coaches and sponsors—is growing. To whom will parents trust their hearts and minds during their formative school years?

We believe Christian parents are looking for a special type of teacher, one we call the Living Curriculum Teacher. They bring different backgrounds and experiences to the classroom but the Living Curriculum Teachers share a number of identifiable beliefs and qualities:

Mature and Growing

Living Curriculum Teachers are born‐again, growing followers of Christ. They are men and woman of prayer and in love with God’s Word.

Happy and Healthy

Living Curriculum Teachers are happy and positive people. They smile and laugh a lot. They see the glass half full, not half empty.

Humble and Trustworthy

Living Curriculum Teachers take to heart the implications of James 3:1 “…we who teach will be judged more strictly.” They have an open mind and sensitive spirit. They are approachable and they listen.

Relationship Builders

Christ modeled a powerful type of mentoring relationship with His students, demonstrating that there is more than content to be taught. Living Curriculum Teachers understand
that relationships are a key to good education.

Nurturing Culture

Living Curriculum Teachers understand that students thrive when treated with dignity within an orderly and respectful environment.

Parent Partners

Living Curriculum Teachers desire to work with parents because they understand they are serving in‐loco parentis.

Quality Instruction

Living Curriculum Teachers understand that teaching is an art and a science. They know that conceptual thinking skills, with problem‐solving and research components requiring right and left brain thinking will prepare students to effectively analyze and respond to a breadth of issues all within the context of a biblical world view.


All Living Curriculum Teachers have an inner motivation that drives them to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence and service to the glory of God. They are passionate about helping their students discover and develop their gifts. They take time with students, one on one.

Living Curriculum Teachers have a limitless opportunity to help shape the minds and hearts of the next generation. Consequently we are passionately committed to providing Living Curriculum Teachers for Christian Heritage Academy parents and their students.

Adapted by Dr. Roth from “The Living Curriculum Teacher” by Jon Keith