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PVO – CHA’s Parent Volunteer Organization
PVO Leadership Team & Meetings
The PVO Leadership Team coordinates prayer groups, events, room parents, and much more. Thank you for uplifting them in prayer and supporting them throughout the year. Monthly PVO Leadership Team meetings are open to all CHA parents. 2018-19 PVO meeting dates are:

September 7
October 3
November 2
December 5
January 9
February 8
March 6
April 5
May 1

Volunteer Opportunities 
Periodically the school and/or PVO Leadership Team will send out notifications via Parents’ Page or email letting parents know about volunteer opportunities. Please consider joining our efforts to enrich the education of our students and support our administration, faculty and staff.

Classroom Volunteering
Room Parents will have sign-up sheets available on Parent Preview Night for classroom parties, field trips, etc. We appreciate our parents’ assistance with classroom activities, projects, field trips and more. If you have a question, please contact your room parent.

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