Growing in Knowledge and Stature

Our Kindergarten classrooms are designed to celebrate the year that a child is turning from five to six years old, bridging the early years to more formal elementary programs in first grade and beyond. Kindergartners resemble preschoolers in that they remain passionately curious, physically active, developmentally uneven and concrete in their thinking. They are highly social but still need intentional guidance in developing self-control and empathy.

However, like older students, they are ready for new experiences! Kindergartners have longer attention spans and should be able to engage easily in cooperative play and projects with other children. They are becoming writers and readers and have more memory capacity than preschoolers. Kindergartners can embrace the structure of a math program and guided reading and writing activities. They enjoy group discussion and are becoming better at listening to others. In our Kindergarten classrooms, we meet children at their individual point of growth, keeping learning both challenging and supportive.

Morning (8:30-11:40 AM), Full-day (8:30 AM-3:15 PM) or Combination-day Kindergarten classes are available.

After Care  Рavailable M-F, 3:15-5:45 PM