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Cow Card

Growing up on a farm in Indiana my three brothers and I were embarrassed when our father pulled out his business card. The front side pictured a Holstein cow. More...

Carpe Aeternitatum

Carpe diem, or seize the day, is a common expression known to many.  Carpe aeternitatem, or seize eternity, is a not so common expression that we want to see used more and more at CHA. As a [...]

CHA’s Credentials

Have you noticed to the left of the CHA receptionist’s desk in our new front Lobby, the framed certificates (see pic below)? These documents are official proof of our qualifications to be a [...]

Children Show Strength

In Psalm 8:2, David says, “[Lord] you have taught children . . . to give you praise (Greek version) to show strength (Hebrew version).”  In response to the 7th grade girls’ [...]


When defining the Soul of the School, I ask this question about Stewardship – see # 5 on card below. Is Christian Heritage a good steward of every resource God has provided? I referenced [...]

Faith and Endurance

CHA’s 7th grade girls basketball team received some well deserved attention early this year with a 14-0 season record and a North Shore Independent Conference Championship.  The [...]

National Day of Prayer

Our Seniors led CHA’s observance of prayer today as follows: for the nation- Stephanie Farish for the State of Illinois – Bekah Lauby for the church in America – Jackson Scalero [...]

CHA Class of 2016 – Reflections

Reflections about the Class of 2016 from a Teacher – I have been blessed to see them grow and develop as I have had the opportunity to teach them social studies over the past four years. [...]

Prayer Walk, April 9, 2016

Ken Taylor, author of the Living Bible and founder of Tyndale House Publishers, was known for going from office to office early in the morning and praying for his employees. This past Saturday [...]

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